International Education

Bermuda Schools

  • Bermuda College
  • St. George's Preschool, 1 Military Road, St. George's GE 03
  • St. David's Preschool, 39 Battery Road, St. David's DD 02
  • Lyceum Preschool, 15 Wilkinson Avenue, Bailey's Bay, Hamilton Parish CR 04
  • St. Mark's Parish Preschool, St. Mark's Church Hall, South Road, Smith's FL 06
  • Devonshire Preschool, 4 Corkscrew Hill, Devonshire HM 19
  • Prospect Preschool, 6 Friendship Lane, Devonshire DV 02
  • St. John's Preschool, St. John's Church Hall, 1 Marsh Folly Road, Pembroke HM 13
  • St. Paul's Preschool, St. Paul's Christian Education Centre, 69 Middle Road, Paget PG 05
  • Warwick Preschool, 68 Middle Road, Warwick WK 03
  • Southampton Preschool, 5 Middle Road, SB 02
  • Somerset Preschool, 66 Scotts Hill Road, Sandys MA 03
  • Lagoon Park Preschool, 18 Craddock Road, Ireland Island, Sandys MA 01

  • East End Primary, 6 Grenadier Lane, St. George's GE 03
  • St. George's Preparatory, 26 Church Folly Lane, St. George's GE 05
  • St. David's Primary, 2 Cashew City Road, DD 02
  • Francis Patton Primary, 191 North Shore Road, Hamilton Parish CR 03
  • Harrington Sound Primary, 44 Harrington Sound Road, Smith's Parish FL 08
  • Elliott Primary, 12 Hermitage Road, Devonshire DV 02
  • Saltus Grammar School

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