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ANDE-LM Education and Employment Agents Albania

At ANDE-LM we are professionally licensed agents offering both education and employment services- are you looking to study overseas? we can help! are you looking for employment assistance in Albania? we can hep!

Studying Overseas

We offer and assist students and young professionals in finding education programs and/or internships all over the world.

Our assistance starts from the moment of initial request until the successful ending of the program in the desired destination.

Since 2007 for the first time in Albania and still the only ones, we have put under public disposal the direct online platform for internship purposes.

The best Company in Albania regarding Experience (since 2004), Acknowledgments (English UK, ICEF, PIER, IAPA, Cambridge, WYSETC, etc), and most important CREDIBILITY (over 5000 Students sent).

. . All you seek to study for, you will find it with a better price at the best schools all over the world, with us.

The well-known good nature of Albanians travelling and studying abroad, is renowned worldwide ranking Albania in the top 100 countries for students sent to: USA, Canada, UK and Australia.

Furthermore, since 2009, we bring in Albania every year the best schools and networks from VIP countries to interview and present directly their programs to our students in Tirana or other cities of Albania.

3 staff members are accredited and registered consultants to offer consulting services for education programs in CANADA and AUSTRALIA as well as other destinations.

Our success album counts thousands of students, with an average of 400 students/year, and a successful rate of 89%.

We guarantee to offer the best support in terms of of application - travelling - insurances - accommodation - airport pick-up and successful attendance during the program.

We offer a comprehensive service to all levels of education including PhD, Masters, Professional Qualifications, High Schools, Colleges and Boarding Schools, Language Schools, Summer Schools, Seasonal Programs, and will try to help with anything you might request.

USA, Canada, UK and Australia- VIP destinations, are easily reachable through ANDE-LMŪ and much more convenient than you might think- why not contact us today to find out!.

Domestic Employment

We are professionally licenced to offer employment services authorized from the Ministry of Labor and Social Welfare in 2005, ANDE-LMŪ presents as its core business and activity the services of: Recruitment - Interviewing - Selection - Profiling and Assessment of Candidates on behalf of Client Companies that operate in the Albanian market.

Our mission is educating Employers and Employees in following specific standard phases while seeking employment or personnel, while leaving behind the unethical illegal way of employing their relatives or acquaintances, aiming to increase this way the quality and professionalism in the workplace.

In the meantime, individuals as well must become familiar with the correct and standardized employment process through professional testing and psycho-metric tests as per methodologies and competences required.

Our ongoing assistance cuts off extra time and strict procedures while offering you personal data protection management. . .

Contact Address:

'Ismail Qemali' Str., Building no. 34,
III Floor (ex-Block Business Area)
Tirana, Albania, 1001
PO Box 8284

Telephone: +355-4-220 7057


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