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Study Accountancy

Student Experiences of Studying Accountancy in Sydney

Name: Audrey Hauser

Country of Origin: USA

Place of Study: The University of Sydney

I was overwhelmed with the choice of units of study. There are subjects that I didn't even think existed! Although I decided to stick to subjects related to Accounting, I had the choice to take anything I wanted. Also, Australia is a world leader in the field of Accounting, especially research. It's great because I come here and my professors are the authors of the research that I'd been reading about back home. It's just fantastic!

I was a bit overwhelmed at first because I go to a small private university back home and the University of Sydney is such a large institution. It all comes together really quickly though. The International Office helps set up everything and the Orientation is a good ice-breaker. Not only do you get to meet other international students and see how they're coping, but you get to meet Australian students and the lecturers too. The University has a vast cultural mix and there are people here from every background imaginable, which makes things very interesting. I think it's important to encounter as much diversity as possible.

I live very close to the University which means I have my academic, sporting and social life practically on my doorstep. The Uni is so close to the city centre too and I knew it would be everything I was looking for.

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