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Airline Academy of Australia is our culture which sets us apart...The Airline Academy of Australia (AAA) through the Royal Queensland Aero Club (RQAC), provides the best quality training, aimed at producing highly competent commercial pilots with a leading edge in a competitive market place.

AAA's aims are to nurture the development of disciplined and highly competent individuals who possess the personal and professional skills to achieve success within the exciting world of aviation.

...countless students have gained their wings...Airlines throughout the world are seeking pilots with high level decision making, communicative and leadership qualities. This means only the best training programs which focus on these skills will fully prepare people for these demanding careers.

The Royal Queensland Aero Club (RQAC)

The Royal Queensland Aero Club (RQAC) was first formed in 1910, making it possibly the oldest aero club in the Southern Hemisphere and one of the oldest in the world.

Australia's pioneer aviators, such as Bert Hinkler, Sir Charles Kingsford Smith and Lores Bonney were club members. Over the years, countless students have gained their wings at RQAC and have gone on to achieve successful careers with the world's airlines, as well as making significant contributions to general aviation.

RQAC is known for its high standard of graduates, its service to the community, its leadership in flying training and its links to the history of aviation. In recognition, the Royal Queensland Aero Club was awarded the prestigious "Sword of Honour" by The Guild of Air Pilots and Air Navigators in 1996.

From this proud tradition in general aviation, the AAA has been created to train the aviators for the new millennium.

Airline Academy of Australia
Beatty Rd

PO Box 41

Archerfield QLD 4108

07 3275 3244

07 3875 1639http: //

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Contact: Airline Academy of AustraliaBeatty Rd

PO Box 41

Archerfield QLD 4108

07 3275 3244

07 3875 1639
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