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Study Chemical Engineering

A Guide to Chemical Engineering
Author: IChemE

Chemical Engineering is fast becoming one of the most mobile and diverse careers in the Engineering Profession. As an international student looking to enter the field, there are many institutions that have facilities and high educational standards to get you well started on your career path.

If you are looking to study Chemical Engineering in Australia, one of the first places to begin your research could be IChemE. 'lchemE in Australia' is part of the worldwide Institute of

Chemical Engineering, which has its Head Office in Rugby, England. With over 3000 members, 'IChemE in Australia' represents 13% of IChemE's worldwide membership, and administers these members from its National Office in Melbourne, Victoria. The responsibility for the guidance and operation of 'IChemE in Australia' rests with a Board that meets 3-4 times per year. 'IChemE in Australia's ' vision is the same as that of IChemE as a whole - "To be at the forefront of chemical engineering as a leading international body qualifying, serving and representing chemical engineers, and promoting the advancement of the discipline. State Groups exist in all states except Tasmania, and these Groups (in conjunction with the Institution of Engineers Australia's Chemical College) organize technical forums as well as social events. 'IChemE in Australia's key objectives are to:

  • Continue its leading accreditation role in university chemical engineering courses

  • Establish a leadership role in the Safety and Environmental area

  • Increase the awareness of Chemical Engineering beyond the traditional boundaries

  • Provide leadership support for the 2001 World Congress of Chemical Engineering

  • Become a 'Voice of Chemical Engineering' with Government, authorities and the public

  • Increase the services and benefits to its members

Please contact the National Office of 'IChemE in Australia' for further information at the following address:

'IChemE in Australia'

3/21 Vale Street

North Melbourne

VIC 3051

Tel: 61-3-9329-3046

Fax: 61-3-9329-3048


Meet some Chemical Engineers

Lara Olsen: Lara decided to study Chemical Engineering because she liked maths and chemistry at school. At that stage, she had no

real idea of what a chemical engineer did - she just liked the sound of it. Now she says it was one of the best decisions that she ever made!

" Although I really enjoyed my studies, it has been my experience outside university that I value most. Studying engineering has given me the opportunity to work in a mine in the Pilbara region, in a petroleum company in Melbourne, and to go to Japan. I think it is this diversity of possibilities and opportunity of experiences that has made me enjoy the course so much."

Jodie Smith: Jodie recently graduated in Chemical Engineering, and is now employed as a process engineer at the Caltex Lytton Refinery in Brisbane.

"The opportunities which have been available to me have included a wide range of interesting and challenging tasks, from the inspection of process vessels during shutdown to obtaining experience in many aspects of oil refining. Chemical engineering is challenging career, working with a wide range of experienced people, and with exposure to interesting tasks."

John Burgess: John is leader of BHP's Safety, Environment and Technology functions worldwide. He graduated in Chemical Engineering, did a Master's degree and then a PhD degree in Chemical Engineering in the UK.

What has chemical engineering given to me Well, I have worked on research problems that others thought were intractable, and solved them. This proved to be immensely satisfying. I have travelled and lived as part of my work on several continents and cities. I have found the profession of chemical engineering a close-knit one with a common bond between its members."


Michael J Parkinson

'IChemE in Australia'

IChemE in Australia

Institute of Engineers Australia