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Aviation industry takes off Flight Training Australia

Founded in 2005 by ex senior airline executives with experience from some of the region's leading brands such as Qantas, Jetstar Asia, AirAsia & Singapore Airlines. Our principle consultants have over 75 years of cumulative airline executive management experience across both full service and Low Cost airline business and operating environments.

Our Areas of Expertise include;

Capital raising
'Start up' Strategic Business and Operational Planning
Economic Regulation and Air Services Agreements
AOC compliance framework & Certification Process
Process re-Engineering & Cost Reduction Strategic
Network Planning, Development and Procurement of Traffic Rights
Executive Management Recruitment and Crew Resourcing
Organisational Development and Culture Building
Commercial & Business Systems Planning, Development and Implementation
Aircraft Procurement
Flight Training - tailoring turnkey and cost effective training solutions to airlines, designed around the immediate application of multi crew flight deck coordination.
We provide total commitment to developing the best client solutions across all areas....

1. Business Planning and Financial modeling

Stage 1 - High level feasibility studies of operating models and markets
Stage 2 - Development of detailed business plan, financial & economic modeling
Stage 3 - Development of commercial and operational business systems
Stage 4 - Development of exit strategies

2. Base Network Evaluation

We recognise the extreme importance of identifying the critical and key elements necessary in the selection of the airlines first and subsequent operating bases, and how vital this selection can be to the strategic long term growth and the impact this has on early success or failure. Understanding key market entry barriers like economic regulation and regulatory constraints unique to each country is paramount when planning to ensure the airline optimizes its route selection to maximise 'year round' network profitability. This framework ensures all key selection criteria are properly evaluated and weighted coupled with detailed route evaluation and profitability analysis being undertaken.

3. Culture

We have recognised time and time again, one of the key factors to the success of any Low Cost Carrier business model is the alignment of its organisational behavior & culture with the development of the company's vision, underpinning the core LCC operating principles, which reflect on lean organisational structures, high labour productivity, and a disciplined cost management philosophy at all times.

4. Airline Economics

The airline business is changing and evolving rapidly. Now more than ever the development of a sustainable, cost effective and productive airline business model is paramount in gaining the upper edge in today's competitive environment. In assisting our customers we place great importance on the need for strategic business planning and development, the quest for continuous operational improvement, the importance of understanding economic and regulatory environments and policy and further more the need for detailed market and competitive analysis necessary to survive in today's operating environment.

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