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Food Science and Agribusiness

University of Melbourne

The Department of Food Science and Agribusiness has a unique capacity for supporting research and training across the food production, processing and distribution chain from product development, economic and management perspectives. While positively contributing to the sustainability of rural businesses and communities, the Department's national and international reputation is focusing on Food science and technology and Agribusiness.

Why a marriage between these two apparently disparate fields

The emerging trends towards vertical integration and "farm-to-table" control of produce means the combination of food science and agribusiness will result in graduates ideally placed to meet the future.

In contrast with other manufacturing sectors, the food processing industry has grown rapidly over the last few years, as export markets have been developed and innovation has contributed to improving processed products which can be better delivered into international markets. With the world's population predicted to double in the next 30 years, demand for safe, nutritious and interesting foods will present huge market opportunities.

Key Disciplines

The key disciplines include:
  • food product development and processing, with emphasis on dairy products;
  • dairy and food microbiology;
  • food chemistry and analysis;
  • agricultural and resource economics;
  • farm, financial and human resource management;
  • marketing, international trade and policy.

The Department's research and innovation programs are performed largely in partnership with principal collaborators in industry, research agencies (Department of Natural Resources and Environment, CSIRO and Food Science Australia), Cooperative Research Centres and rural research and development corporations (particularly the Dairy Research and Development Corporation).

Further Information

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School of Agriculture and Food Systems, University of Melbourne

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The University of Melbourne


School of Agriculture and Food Systems, University of Melbourne


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Food Science