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Study Hospitality and Tourism in Australia

Australian Tourism A Growth Industry

Tourism is one of Australia's largest and fastest growing industries. This creates jobs, earns foreign exchange and is a major contributor to economic growth and development. But with growth comes competition. This, coupled with higher expectations of service excellence, has created a need for Hospitality and Travel Professionals. Jobs in tourism are becoming much broader, and there is a need for people with a wide range of backgrounds and levels of skill. In late 1994, it was reported that 536,000 Australians were directly employed due to the tourism industry. This is expected to be in excess of 685,000 by 2003. Although apparent that Sydney's market has and will continue to grow towards and beyond the 2000 Olympics, the 'flow-on' effect to other States is expected to boost tourism by a forecasted 212,000 visitors (per State) during the next three years.

Education & Training in Australia. Working within this industry provides an opportunity to establish a career. However, employment opportunities need to be matched with education and training to assist career building. Look to attend a School of Hospitality Management to get the necessary education needed to succeed in this industry.

 Australian institutes are leading the way with superior delivery and training methods of these highly practical courses - so much so that  Australia is gaining increased recognition as the destination in which to study travel, tourism or hospitality. Traditionally Private Providers and Government TAFE Colleges specialised in the delivery of Tourism courses, whereas nowadays  Universities are offering degree qualifications in Tourism to provide ongoing education and assist with career advancement. The nature of the industry and the stringent requirements of the Australian  Qualifications Framework demand a certain number of workplacement hours completed during study before gaining your quailiication. It becomes evident as to why training in Australia is so highly regarded; as students are required to build on their practical skills, evidently creating a highly skilled work force. Furthermore, you will find the small Private Providers extend their service to students even further by establishing dedicated employment assistance services to students and graduates.

What can I do after my studies

As the tourism industry expands, so too do the career employment opportunities from within these industries. The charts below illustrate how one can progress through the three main areas of the Travel, Tourism and Hospitality industry.

Why Australia

In addition to the high standards of education, Australia has so much more to offer the overseas student. Australia is classified as being more affordable than other English-speaking counterparts. Families of students feel confident with Australia, as a safe and clean country. As an Australian, I know my country's attraction is found in its diverse landscapes, golden beaches, snowy mountains, and dusty outbacks through to lush rainforests. Australia is increasingly being recognised as a distinctive, diverse, vibrant and sophisticated tourist destination which has much to interest visitors. Experience our street festivals or world-class operas, ballets, plays or concerts. Sports fans will love the Australian Football League Grand Final, Tennis Open, Formula One Grand Prix and International Test Cricket. Australia becomes a dynamic and colourful learning environment and an enjoyable place to explore during the time you are with us. With the steady growth of the Tourism industry creating an abundance of jobs, plus the high standards of training, it is hard to bypass Australia as your first choice.

Author  Ms Catherine Carrick

Principal and Founder

Registrar, Carrick Institute of Education  Management, GOP Box 583D, Melbourne, Victoria,

Australia - 3001

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