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Kildare College

96 Valiant Road

Holden Hill sA 5088

Tel: 08 8261 9372

Fax: 08 8369 9975

Email: secretary@kildare.

Website: www.kildare.

Key Details

Type: Catholic

Level: Secondary

Gender: Girls

Religious Affiliation: Catholic

Scholarships: Yes

Principal's Welcome

Greetings - a very warm welcome to Kildare College. Kildare College offers an education for girls from Year 8 to 12. Girls are encouraged to take responsibility for their academic moral and spiritual development through a range of thought provoking and challenging activities. The school nurtures a love of learning and fosters a desire for excellence in a supportive environment. Kildare is a community of learning where staff and families work in partnership to provide our young women with a well-balanced secondary education. With an enrolment of approximately 400 students the College is large enough to offer a diverse range of subjects Yet small enough for each young woman to be known and cared for as an individual. We nurture and educate the hearts and minds through the development of: • Success• Compassion• Achievement• RespectFaith caring and learning are the pillars upon which our work stands. Our tradition and values will guide and support your daughter to develop “strength and gentleness” of character. By assisting our students to develop positive attitudes to life and learning we believe that we can help them to discover inner strength confidence and self-knowledge that will sustain them throughout their lives. We invite you to contact us and experience the Kildare difference. Margaret RouggosPrincipal

The Vision of St Brigid

The school’s heritage originates from the Brigidine order in 5th Century Ireland which was continued in the 1800s by Bishop Daniel Delany. St Brigid of Kildare was a valiant woman strong and gracious and a prophetic leader. She revolutionised Irish society with her philosophy that education has the power to transform and liberate by establishing communities of prayer education and culture for those in need. The Sisters of St Brigid were visionary and contemporary educators who first came to Australia in 1883 establishing schools in New South Wales and Victoria. Since 1966 Kildare College has been educating young women with the same energy and foresight under the continued guidance from the Brigidine Stewardship Council. Today over 700 Sisters of Brigid and the wider Brigidine family around the world are committed to upholding Brigid’s vision of compassion and justice for humanity. Kildare College takes its name proudly from the original site of St Brigid’s first monastery in Kildare Ireland meaning “The Church of the Oak”. An oak sapling from this original monastery grows in the grounds of Kildare in Holden Hill to signify links with the past and hopes for the future. Our surrounding traditional gardens the indigenous Kildare Wirra garden and our learning programs all reflect a spirituality that is deeply rooted in nature and the care of the earth. While Kildare continues to deliver an innovative contemporary education tradition remains an important element. Your daughter will develop a strong sense of identity and unity with the College through the House System and College celebrations such as Brigidine Day. Forums retreats and association with fellow Brigidine schools interstate and internationally ensure our continued connection to our past whilst building the foundations for our future.

How to Enrol Your Daughter at Kildare

Brigidine Schools are committed to providing outstanding accessible education at a cost that is not a burden to families. Brigidine Schools offer enrolment to families regardless of their religious background ethnic origin or socio-economic situation. Kildare accepts students on a continuous basis at all year levels and welcomes all applications. Process of EnrolmentIf your daughter is in Year 4 or below completing an Expression of Interest Form will ensure your family is on our database and receives regular updates and information regarding the College. Application for enrolment at Kildare College is made by submitting a completed Application for Enrolment form together with a most recent academic report and a non-refundable $44. 00 application fee. Lodging an application form does not guarantee acceptance. Please contact the College or visit our website for more details.

Curriculum at a Glance

The curriculum at Kildare offers many opportunities for engaging learning discovery and challenge. Each student is encouraged to pursue personal excellence and to move towards independent learning. Electives offer an opportunity for students to experiment and engage more pertinently with the subjects. We emphasise girls' growing independence and choice Yet curriculum offerings still provide a core basis of study that continues to serve our students' needs and keep their options open. The qualities of informed decision-making personal negotiation and productive work practices come into play.

Learning From Beyond the Classroom

Our wide range of activities student committees clubs and opportunities for leadership are comparable with many larger schools and yet our size means that everybody has the opportunity to explore their potential. At Kildare it is not just the outstanding sportspeople or the most talented musicians who perform. Every girl is involved and it is our team spirit dedication and inspiring teaching that sees our students consistently rise to outstanding results.


See us in action!

Prospective students and their families are welcome to visit us to view the College and see daily life at Kildare. Book a tour and experience first hand our dedication to your daughter's education.


Monday 7 May 10-11am & 6-7pm

Saturday 19 May 11-12 noon

Saturday 9 June 11-12 noon

Tuesday 19 June 10-11am & 6-7pm


Kildare’s prospectus contains information about the Collegeemail or phone our office for a copy to be sent to you. Alternatively should you be in the neighbourhood you are welcome to visit the College and collect a copy.

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