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Lighthouse Christian College

927-937 Springvale Road

Keysborough VIC3173

Tel: 03 8796 7373

Email: office@lighthouse. org. au

Website: www.lighthouse.

Key Details

Type: Independent

Level: Combined

Gender: Coed

Religious Affiliation: Christian

Learning Extension: Yes

International Students: Yes

Scholarships: Yes

Raising Children with Purpose

Lighthouse Christian College offers a rich and exciting teaching and learning environment for your child. It is a community large enough to offer specialist personnel and small enough to remain intimate and caring. The College has excellent teachers who keep abreast of best practice pedagogy. As a community school we partner with you to nurture the growth of your child and lead them towards discovering their purpose in life and God given destiny. The Christian worldview permeates school life and Lighthouse Christian College values such as responsibility and respect are embedded in all operations and activities. This means that the College is unified by a common set of standards which empowers a culture of excellence and successful academic outcomes for students. Lighthouse Christian College works with local churches by focusing on the development of character and spirituality. This partnership supports the process of leading children towards finding their God – given purpose in life. The school enjoys fine facilities and students are in the care of a dedicated faculty of professionals. They help students to do more than acquire knowledge for exam success. Our students are expected to think for themselves to learn and change to be able to plan ahead and anticipate developments as well as to develop creative solutions using thinking skills.

Mission and Values

The mission of Lighthouse Christian College is to assist Christian parents to teach and train their children in a Christian environment so that they will fulfill God’s purposes in their lives and bring an uncompromising Christian influence to our society. We hold the following values as important in every aspect of the College: • Integrity• Community• Excellence• Courage• Responsibility• Friendship• Humility• Compassion• Respect• Love

Academic Excellence

Annual literacy and numeracy tests are undertaken by students in Years 3 and 9 across the country in government and non-government schools. These tests are called National Assessment Program – Literacy and Numeracy (NAPLAN). Lighthouse Christian College students’ performance in 2012 indicate that they are above the minimum national standard. The school performed significantly higher than other schools in the various year levels in most aspects of literacy and numeracy. The 2012 results indicate continuous improvement over the last 2 years particularly in the domains of Reading in Years 5 and 9 and in Grammar and Punctuation in Year 9. Lighthouse Christian College VCE Study Scores and Atar Scores: • 100% of students successfully completed their VCE. • 20% of students achieved an ATAR of higher than 80%. • 7. 6% of students achieved study scores of 40 and above.

Early Learning Centre

Lighthouse Christian College Early Learning Centre provides a caring and supportive environment by specialist staff to enable children to take their first steps in a journey of discovery and learning. We value the early childhood period because it has a significant influence on children’s future learning. Preschool is an important stepping stone for school preparation. Our program is designed to provide children with learning opportunities to confidently explore experiment be creative and articulate their experiences and knowledge.

Primary School:

Lighthouse Christian College Primary School offers students high quality learning opportunities in a well-established and caring environment. Students are regarded as unique individuals and their God-given abilities and talents are nurtured to enable each individual to reach their potential. Relationship building is seen as paramount enhancing learning as well as facilitating a warm Christian community within which the primary school functions and thrives. Our dedicated and innovative professionals of the primary school staff team are committed to delivering a Christ-centred educational curriculum which integrates systematic and rigorous academic studies with various characteristics of God.

Middle School and Senior School

Lighthouse Christian College Middle School aims to provide an engaging and positive schooling experience which is specifically suited to the developmental needs of students in Years Seven eight and Nine. This experience encompasses not only the formal curriculum structured around the key learning areas of Christian Studies english mathematics science studies of Society and the Environment technology the Arts and Health and Physical Education but also addresses the social emotional physical and spiritual development of students through activities and programs within and outside the classroom. A range of co-curricular activities are arranged throughout the year in the form of camps excursions sporting activities concerts and many others. The special Year 9 program includes a City Experience week. Based on sound academic research in both education psychology and pedagogical practices our approaches in the Middle School aims to meet the needs of young adolescent students. Our approach in pastoral care and discipline is to encourage students’ resilience and the development of self-discipline through building strong supportive relationships between students and also between the adolescents and their teachers. The mission of our Senior School is to pursue academic success built on Christian character. We aim to prepare students to live fulfilling lives so they are equipped to be successful tertiary students faithful employees and capable Christian leaders who will positively influence their community. The College offers a variety of VCE subjects and Vocational Educational Training (VET) programs. Our academic program includes a VCE acceleration program providing students with a head start. We offer small classes caring and committed staff and a disciplined approach to study. The VCE curriculum is taught in the context of a Biblical Christian Worldview. Our students are well prepared to gain the best possible tertiary entrance (ATAR) scores. Our VCE results have been consistently above state average with our best performing student being in the top 1. 5% of the state.


School Tours:

Every day at Lighthouse Christian College is an Open Day and you are welcome to visit our beautiful school at any time. Please visit the school website for calendar dates of school tours.

Contact us:

To find out more please call 8796 7373 or visit www.lighthouse.

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