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Medical Education in Australia
Australian Medical Council

Why Medical Schools Are Accredited- A graduate of a medical course accredited by the Australian Medical Council (AMC) is eligible for registration as a medical practitioner in any State or Territory of Australia. By assessing the medical schools, the AMC is able to assure the medical registration boards that a medical school' s educational program satisfies agreed national guidelines for basic medical education

As well as assessing the Australian medical schools, the AMC assesses New Zealand medical schools for the purposes of registration of their graduates in Australia. The Medical Council of New Zealand uses the AMC accreditation reports on the Australian and New Zealand medical schools to assist it to decide on the recognition of the graduates of those schools in New Zealand.

How Medical Schools Are Accredited

The AMC's Accreditation Committee oversees the accreditation process, and develops accreditation policy and procedures. For each assessment of a medical school, the AMC sets up an expert team. Each team comprises members from a range of medical schools in Australia and New Zealand, and members from medical science and clinical disciplines, hospital and community- based teachers and experienced academic managers.

The AMC asks the medical school to respond to a standard questionnaire. Using this questionnaire as a guide, the medical school supplies extensive documentation on the school, the medical Curriculum and the resources that support the curriculum. The team reviews this material and then conducts a site visit to the school, its facilities and teaching hospitals. This visit normally takes a week.

At the end of the visit, the team presents its draft findings. Following the visit, the team prepares a detailed report on the assessment. The reports of individual teams are scrutinised by the AMC Accreditation Committee to ensure they are balanced and that the conclusions drawn by the team are sound. The Australian Medical Council makes the final decision on the accreditation of a medical school, on the basis of the report and recommendation by the Accreditation Committee. The medical school has an opportunity to comment on the report before it goes to the Accreditation Committee and, if necessary; to appeal against any adverse recommendations.

Between accreditation visits, the AMC monitors developments in medical schools through periodic reports.

AMC accreditation reports are public documents. To order a copy of a report on a particular medical school, go to

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