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TAFE  NSW Online Courses

Found a course that you like but it's not offered at your local TAFE NSW campus Perhaps studying at a campus doesn't suit your lifestyle and you need more flexibility to study at home or even at work.

At TAFE  NSW, online courses have been tailored to meet the needs of your busy lifestyle. There are many courses that can be undertaken online and in the comfort of your own home or elsewhere.

What you need to study online

To study online you require a basic level of experience with internet tools and email. These skills are easy to learn and your teacher can assist you with the tools required for online learning.

Students enrolled in online courses have access to computers, printers and the library at their institute campus. If you prefer to study at home or at work you will be required to have a computer, the internet and word processing tools.

Please be sure to check the entry requirements of the course in case there is any other application you require before enrolling.

Are you ready to study online?

Online learning gives you the flexibility to study when and where you like. While you won’t be going to college every day, you’ll be able to connect with your trainer and other students in a virtual classroom. Remember though, to be successful at online learning, you need to be prepared and have the right equipment and technology.

Computer skills

You’ll need basic computer skills to study online. This includes the ability to:
•access and search the internet
•use software to create, save and edit documents
•upload, download and save files and plug-ins through websites
•attach and use devices, e.g. USB flash drive, audio headset
•participate in online discussions

Recommended minimum technical requirements for all courses

All of our courses have the same basic technical requirements. Check your computer details at http: // to make sure you meet these before you enrol. Some courses will have more specific requirements. You can find these explained in the course details.

•Computer running Windows XP SP3 and newer or Apple Macintosh® computer running OSX 10.6 and newer
•1 GB of RAM
•2GHz processor
•A minimum screen size of 1024×600, the average size of a netbook

Mobile devices

If you want to study from your mobile we recommend downloading the Canvas mobile app on to your device. The apps are supported on:
•iOS 7 and newer
•Android 4.3 and newer

Find out how at Canvas guides for mobile.

Internet connection
•Download speed minimum 512 kb/s

Internet browsers
•Chrome 35 and 36
•Firefox 29 and 30
•Internet Explorer 10 and 11
•Safari 6 and 7

•Adobe® PDF Reader 8.0 or above to open and use downloadable learning resources
•Microsoft® Word 2007 or a similar word processing program to create, open and view resources
•Screen readers for visually impaired learners
•JAWS 14 or 15 for Internet Explorer 11 & 12 and Firefox 27
•Latest version of VoiceOver for Safari

English language requirements

For all our courses you’ll need to have proficient English language and literacy skills. This means you will need to meet minimum English language levels before you enrol.

You should be able to read online material and textbooks, complete written assignments and conduct research independently. Your online study will include webinars (online seminars or meetings), text-based discussions and collaboration.

Contact TAFE NSW Online by phone, online chat or email. We’re here to help Monday to Sunday 8.00 am -10.00 pm AEST. Phone 1800 22 TAFE / 1800 22 8233 (inside Australia) or +61 (0) 2 8218 4897 (outside Australia)

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Contact TAFE NSW Online by phone, online chat or email. We’re here to help Monday to Sunday 8.00 am -10.00 pm AEST.

Phone 1800 22 TAFE / 1800 22 8233 (inside Australia) or +61 (0) 2 8218 4897 (outside Australia)

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