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Study at New Directions Institute of Natural Therapies (NDI) Australia

As of May 2004, New Directions Institute of Natural Therapies (NDI) has been dedicated to offering students the opportunity to develop their skills and delve into every imaginable aspect of natural therapy. After months of planning and rigorous government auditing, New Directions Institute of Natural Therapies has been registered to offer the highest level of recognised accredited training in beauty and natural therapies. We know that our clients are well informed and expect the best. Our experienced professionals will cater to your needs from flexible, self-paced workshops through to full-time programmes which lead to nationally recognised diplomas in beauty, massage and aromatherapy.

The courses have been endorsed by industry associations both in Australia and overseas. The Institute is also approved through Australian immigration and this allows us to extend our services to the world - inviting international students to attend. We will offer education study tours, distance learning and full time programs to our clients. By providing feasible options, strong support and advice ensures that no one, whether in Australia or abroad, misses out on this exciting and challenging opportunity.

Another bonus is the New Directions Institute program in salon /spa business management. Our qualified experts will assist the training needs within your own business. NDI aim to be the leaders within the natural therapies industry and is committed to providing students with up-to-date, cutting edge techniques, style and quality education.
Why NDI is Unique

Why Choose New Directions Institute of Natural Therapies for Your Natural Therapies Training?
New Directions Institute understands that the best students deserve the best environment to achieve their full potential!

We are open to anyone with an interest in beauty and natural therapies. Our courses range from special interest short courses for everyone through to full time professional training leading to nationally recognised qualifications. We also have a specialised Continuing Professional Development program for industry professionals.

NDI have access to complete lab and manufacturing facilities, a farm, and photography studio as well as accommodation with its parent company. Not only will students gain outstanding academic training, but also practical experience in a real commercial environment.

Here are some more reasons why you should enter the most up to date provider of Natural Therapies training in Australia:
  • All courses from certificates to advanced diploma hold the latest (2004) VETAB accreditation
  • Our Continuing Professional Development courses are accredited modules from our courses and can lead to new qualifications for current industry professionals
  • NDI are the first provider of specialised courses focused on reaching the male market
  • NDI offers outstanding all new equipment for students to use when training
  • We have Austudy approved programs
  • Students are able to pay for their enrolment using a student loan or various payment plans
  • NDI holds membership with major industry associations, recognised worldwide
  • Our on-site clinic training will utilize the best equipment for students
  • We offer a wide range of study options for students
  • It is possible to complete an intensive study program and reduce your course program by up to 1 term
  • Focus on business management to provide the opportunity for students to enter management roles upon graduation
  • All NDI staff are dedicated and professional, committed to making sure you have a wonderful learning and life experience with us
  • We provide a beautiful serene learning space, where you can meet and make friends with students from all over the world
  • Convenient location surrounded by Sydney University and UTS as well as numerous shops, cute restaurants and beautiful parks.
  • Close to the Sydney CBD and public transport
  • Our parent company, New Directions Australia is a well established wholesale supplier to the beauty and spa industries internationally
  • Students will have practical knowledge in a range of professional products
  • More than 70% of the New Directions family speak languages other than English including Malaysian, Mandarin, Japanese, Russian, Hokin, Thai, Korean, Cantonese, French, Indonesian, Swedish, Italian, Arabic, Portuguese, and Hindi

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New Directions Institute of Natural Therapies
153 Bridge Road
Glebe NSW 2037 Australia

Tel: + 612 8569 4111
Fax: + 612 8569 4100

Email: info@newdirections.

Website: http: //www.newdirections.

New Directions Institute of Natural Therapies
153 Bridge Road
Glebe NSW 2037 Australia

Tel: + 612 8569 4111
Fax: + 612 8569 4100

Email: info@newdirections.

Website: http: //www.newdirections.




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