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Newington College K–12

Stanmore 7–12: 200 Stanmore Rd StanmoreStanmore K–6: 115 Cambridge St

Stanmore NSW2048

Tel: (+612) 9568 9333 (+612) 9568 9



Key Details

Type: Independent

Level: Combined

Gender: Boys

Religious Affiliation: Uniting Church

Boarding: Yes

Scholarships: Yes

Learning Extension: YesInternational Baccalaureate: Yes

International Students: Yes

Welcome to Newington College

Newington College was founded in 1863 on diversity—cultural racial and religious—and this tradition still drives our inclusive egalitarian approach. The history of Newington is about people and their contribution. The quality of the staff and boys equates to a dynamic force for an exciting and enjoyable education. At Newington College we encourage our boys to be open-minded and tolerant to think freely and not be bound by traditional or conventional ideas. As Newington College is a diverse community we celebrate the fact that our College truly represents the cosmopolitan nature of our modern society. We embrace boys of all denominations and from every geographic area. At Newington College we acknowledge the wide variety of family backgrounds that our community comprises and we believe that every member of our community has the right to feel safe and accepted at our school. For Newington College boys this means a genuine experience of the ‘real world’ that they will work and live in after school. At Newington College we take the time to understand each individual boy’s needs interests strengths and weaknesses. We are committed to creating an environment that gives him access to excellent teachers facilities and opportunities. We seek to give each boy a well-rounded education with every opportunity to reach his personal best while he’s at school no matter what his interests and be well prepared for a successful and fulfilling life after school. Our vision is for every boy to Discover What’s Possible for him. This is at the heart and soul of everything we do and say at Newington College. It underpins our actions: the way we express ourselves our behaviour and our decisions. And it is relevant to all – boys parents teachers and staff.

Our Values

The five key pillars of Newington are an excellent academic program strong pastoral care support adiverse range of exciting co-curricular opportunities adiverse and involved community and a strong spiritual and ethical foundation to all that we do. Newington College is non-selective by choice but we challenge and motivate boys to discover what's possible. The College encourages students to achieve their personal best by fostering positive self-esteem that regards personal achievement as worthy of effort. We present our policies and practices within a balanced liberal education. A liberal education equips students not only with the ability to learn but also with the spiritual moral and aesthetic senses that will enable them to perceive or to construct values throughout their lives.

The Changing Classroom

To ensure the interests of all boys are catered for be they academic creative sporting technical commercial or otherwise newington College offers a wide range of courses. In tandem with our extensive co-curricular and pastoral care programs this broad curriculum provides a well-rounded liberal education designed to equip students with the skills Knowledge and understanding they will need to face the challenges of the years ahead. To ensure our boys are engaged confident savvy and safe in the world in which they learn communicate socialise and develop as young men we have enabled a BYOD (bring your own device) computer environment for boys from Years 5-12 as a part of their everyday school equipment. The boys use Laptops and iPads in class to enrich their classroom experience. The devices enhance real time communication for students and teachers via an Online Learning area called Canvas. This transforms the classroom dynamic and helps engage the boys as active learners. Boys are enthusiastic about having laptops or touch tablets to complement traditional pen and paper because it mirrors the reality of many students' home lives where computers and electronic games have become commonplace. Coming to school to learn 'the old fashioned way' seems obsolete and irrelevant to a generation raised on electronic media.This renewed enthusiasm makes boys more motivated to work in school. And motivated boys show more creativity and engage in deeper and more critical learning. Teachers report that boys seem to enjoy presenting what they know and what they can do often asking for more opportunities to use technology to demonstrate their learning.

Co-Curricular Activities

Newington College is committed to providing all boys the opportunity to participate in a range of co-curricular activities throughout their school years. These activities encompass boys' physical cultural spiritual and mental development offering a truly diverse co-curricular program that allows each and every boy to follow his own passions.


The wide variety of sport offered at Newington College illustrates our commitment to encouraging participation in sport by all boys throughout the year. We believe the following Newington sporting values are benchmarks for behaviour and success not only in sport but in life: Enjoyment resilience growth respect Hard Work and Unity. Through properly coached and controlled games boys learn to win and lose gracefully acquire skills to increase enjoyment as participants and spectators learn self-discipline and team spirit and improve their own physical well being.

Creative and Performing Arts

Creative and Performing Arts are fundamental in the 'five pillars' at Newington College where a wide-ranging

College Tours

Newington College offers a range of tours throughout the year to provide our prospective and current families the opportunity to view our state-of-the-art facilities and learn about Newington's personal best approach to education.

Tours through our secondary and preparatory campuses are generally led by the respective Heads of School and occur throughout the year at all three campuses. Bookings for a tour can be made online through our website.

International Baccalaureate Diploma

Newington is the only GPS school that offers boys a choice between the HSC and the renowned International Baccalaureate (IB) Diploma Programme. The IB aims to increase global awareness and intellectual rigour and choosing to offer this as an alternative to the NSW HSC reflects Newington’s commitment to providing their boys with an internationally respected education in an environment where they have access to excellent teachers facilities and opportunities.

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