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Study Mechatronic Engineering

Why Study Mechtronic Engineering

Associate Professor Bassam Dally University of Adelaide

Mechatronic Engineeringis closely related to mechanical engineering, and is also available as an internationally recognised and accredited degree program at The University of Adelaide. As a Mechatronic engineer, you may be involved in the application of electronics, computer systems and control theory to automate mechanical systems, as well as in the design and development of electro-mechanical systems. Examples include car engine management systems, production robots, micromachines, smart structures and hi-tech consumer products that involve an interaction of machine, computer and electronic systems to extract high levels of performance. You may also be involved in designing automated vehicle navigation systems using Global Positioning Satellites, designing process control systems for chemical production industries, designing and implementing computer controlled machine condition monitoring systems, designing micro-machines, project management, inventing new products and processes or being an aid worker, providing engineering services to developing nations. Mechatronic engineers are in great demand by industry, because they possess a combination of mechanical engineering, electronic engineering and computing skills which make them very versatile.


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All six degree programs at The University of Adelaide involve 4-years of full-time study (including work required to achieve an Honours degree) and all except Mechanical and Sports Engineering and Mechanical and Sustainable Energy Engineering are also offered as 5-year double degrees with Mathematics and computing Science.  In addition, a double degree in Science is offered for Aerospace and Mechanical Engineering. A double degree with Law (6.5 years), one with Petroleum Engineering, one with Economics and one with Finance (5-years) are available with the Mechanical Engineering program only. The Aerospace, Automotive, Mechanical and Mechatronic degrees and double degrees are all accredited by The Institution of Engineers, Australia and recognised all over the world. The Sports and Sustainable Engineering programs are new offerings in 2008 and will be accredited soon after the first graduates emerge at the end of 2011.

The City of Adelaide has a population of just over one million people. The University of Adelaide is located right in the centre of the City Business and Shopping Area. There are many great things about Adelaide. It has wonderful weather; even in winter there are many sunny days, with blue skies and temperatures around 20 degrees- and it never snows! Although there are some hot days in summer, the humidity is very low, so it is not too uncomfortable. One of the many noticeable things about Adelaide is the lack of traffic jams, and the fast 15 minute drive from the airport to the centre of the city, where The University of Adelaide has its main campus. Adelaide is just one hour away from three famous wine-making areas, where one can sample the great wines free of charge at the cellar doors. Just a few hours north of Adelaide lie the mighty Flinders ranges, with colours that have inspired many famous landscape artists, and which are characterised by numerous lonely water holes and many kilometers of outstanding bushwalking tracks. Australians regard recreation and sport as an important part of life. The number of different recreational activities and types of sporting clubs in and around Adelaide are too numerous to mention. Many of the activities are represented by clubs based at the universities, thus helping overseas students to become involved in local culture and activities.

Adelaide is considered to be the hi-tech capital of Australia, and can offer mechanical, automotive, aerospace, mechatronic, sports and sustainable energy engineers many interesting jobs. Also, current immigration laws have been relaxed for graduates, making it much easier to obtain permanent residence on completion of a university degree.


 Associate Professor Bassam Dally

 Head, School of Mechanical Engineering

 University of Adelaide

 S.A. 5005


 Phone: +61 8 8303 5460

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