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Study Zoology

Zoology: Year abroad study at James Cook University

Many North American and European universities provide for year abroad studies. These programs are normally handled either through an office on your campus or through a facilitating agent.

We enjoy having and encourage year abroad students. If you can't do your degree here then this is the next best thing. We ask people coming on year abroad schemes to note that our 'normal' year structure runs February to November, it is possible to do the alternative semester structure (August - June) but some subjects will be in reversed order. Please check carefully that you have an appropriate background to do the courses you choose.

We suggest year abroad students arrange to come at least a week before the commencement of courses and that they stay on in Australia to look at the place after they complete their coursework. Biological sciences courses are 'full on' and there are many field excursions and field trips which will fill weekends and course breaks. Australia is a continent, to tour it takes time. Use either the mid-year (June-July) or end of year break (November - February) to travel.

If you are going to have visitors come over then the mid-winter break (June - July) is the best time.

We strongly suggest that you arrange with your home institution to maximize your allowed biology courses while you are here. For most people this will be a once in a lifetime opportunity to visit and work in real tropical habitats with the experts on tropical biology.

Why come here?

We are very good academically, at the very top level of Australia undergraduate science teaching.

  • Courses are all taught by our staff - active researchers and enthusiasts
  • Lots of field trips to interesting places - rainforest and reef
  • Good support for overseas undergraduate students
  • Good attitude - today's students are tomorrow's colleagues
  • Good facilities - on and off campus
  • Good standards
  • Great biology, great places (2h from campus)
  • International reputation and strong international recruitment
  • Strong student body with opportunities for a range of social activities - like diving and trekking

We are a research university. The combined graduate programs of the departments provide one of the largest bodies of graduate students (about 250) focussed on whole organism research in Australia (this is grossly disproportionate to our institutional size). Undergraduate students can get the opportunity to participate in field research.

Our students, both first degree and higher degree, perform very well in international competition - because that is our standard.

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Department of Zoology

La Trobe University


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Department of Zoology

University of Melbourne

Victoria 3010

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International Student Centre

Telephone: +61 7 47814407

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