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Study Telecommunications in Australia

Post Graduate Telecommunications University of Melbourne

Telecommunications is leading the information revolution. Developments in multimedia applications, fibre optics, chip and switching technologies are rapidly changing the way we live. To compete effectively in today's global market, professionals need to keep informed of innovative advances in technologies that fundamentally affect the telecommunications industry.

The Department of Electrical and Electronic Engineering at The University of Melbourne is renowned for its leadership in education and telecommunications research. In addition to its Masters by research and PhD programs, the Department offers three course designed specifically to give professionals the cutting edge in telecommunications engineering. These courses offer students the opportunity to develop and broaden their understanding of the scientific, technological and management skills necessary to develop a successful career in telecommunications.

The lecturers of the courses are all experts in their fields with years of industrial experience.

The Program includes the following courses:

  1. Master of Telecommunications Engineering by Coursework:
  2. Graduate Diploma in Telecommunications Engineering:
  3. Graduate Certificate in Telecommunications Engineering:

These three courses aim to provide students with the technological and competitive skills needed in the design and engineering of modern telecommunications systems and networks. They will provide students with opportunities to:

  • develop a fundamental understanding the principles of telecommunications engineering
  • develop an understanding of the basic principles underlying the planning and management of telecommunications networks
  • acquire a broad knowledge of telecommunications networks
  • obtain the mathematical and computational skills necessary for the solution of theoretical and practical problems
  • develop analytical, problem solving and design skills applicable to telecommunications engineering
  • develop oral and written communication skills specific to the needs of the telecommunications industry

Individual Subejcts may be available to Australian students under the Community Access Program (CAP). For further information please visit http: //


Subject to demand, there will be two intakes per year in each degree. Core subjects will be offered in both first and second semesters.

Costs and Fees:

Cost of tuition is estimated to be $25,650 (Approximately $14,300 USD as of January 2003) for overseas students and $20,800 for Australian students, per year for the Masters and Graduate Diploma. The cost of the Graduate Certificate is estimated to be half this cost.

Students will be required to supply their own computers (e.g. PC or MAC) and their own software (e.g. Standard O/S, software and C compiler).

Students with insufficient background may be required to take additional subjects before being considered for admission to any of the three courses, in which case further fees will be required.

Due to immigration regulations (visa limitations), part time studies will normally be available to only Australian students.


For candidates that have not been educated in English the following English requirements apply:

Original evidence of an English Language test score at a sitting within the last 24 months of a TOEFL of at least 580 and a TWE of at least 4.5 (paper based) or a TOEFL of at least 237 with an Essay Rating of at least 4.5 (computer based) or an IELTS of at least 6.


A TOEFL score of at least 550, with a TWE of 4 or the computer based TOEFL of at least 213 with an Essay Rating Score of 4 or an IELTS score of at least 6 and agreeing to undertake and pass an ESL subject in your first semester of your study at The University of Melbourne and subsequently to undertake the IELTS test after the satisfactory completion of one year of study at the Facultys expense. The results of the IELTS test are not intended to affect the progress or enrolment of individual students but would be used to monitor the success of the English subjects in raising students to the normal required English standard.


Candidates must check, well ahead of commencing their studies, with the Australian Diplomatic Mission in their countries regarding the English Language requirements for an Australian Student Visa as these requirements could be different from those of the University.



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Application Form

Further admission information is available on: http: //

It is highly recommended that international students will contact our overseas representative in their own area.

For other information, the Virtual Service Centre covers areas such as housing, financial aid and transition: http: //

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