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Yarralinda School

4 Birchwood Drive

Mooroolbark VIC3138

Tel: 03 9727 3032

Fax: 03 8456 6295


Website: www.yarralinda.

Key Details

Type: Independent

Level: Combined

Gender: Coed

Religious Affiliation: Non-Denominational

Early Learning: Yes

Learning Extension: Yes

International Students: Yes

Scholarships: Yes

About Yarralinda

Yarralinda School is an independent non-denominational co-educational primary school in Mooroolbark. With caring teachers that love their jobs and small class sizes that ensure personal attention children move confidently through our comprehensive curriculum that includes a strong focus on developing independent learning skills. At Yarralinda School we believe that knowledge should be empowering and that a good education should prepare young people so that they can make a difference wherever they go. To nurture this ambition we work with the children to develop a love of knowledge. We teach them the skills to become effective problem solvers. We teach them to reason with the information they are given. Above all else we encourage them to seek out and enjoy challenge. We provide all this in a safe caring and welcoming environment that gives children the confidence to spread their wings. We are a small school with a strong sense of family. This means we have the time and interest to really get to know your child and help him or her get the most from their years at Yarralinda School.

Class Sizes

In the lower school (prep one and two) class sizes are capped at twenty students. During key learning times like literacy and numeracy an aide works with the teacher providing a student/teacher ratio of 1: 10. This ensures that each child has the opportunity for one-on-one assistance if they need it. In the Middle school (grades three and four) and Upper school (grades five and six) class sizes are capped at twenty-five students.


The school follows the Victorian Essential Learning Standards which is the Education Department Prep to Year 10 curriculum for Victorian schools. At Yarralinda School we use the VELS as a baseline. We find that with our unique approach to learning the children are keen to explore and learn beyond the parameters of the VELS curriculum. There are some specific approaches that we use that are outlined below. - Children are taught to read using a phonics based reading program. We do not teach “whole word” learning. - Children have individual learning programs for literacy and numeracy allowing them scope to either move ahead or work at cementing foundation skills. - Spelling Mastery Program (SRA) from grade two through six which develops students spelling skills through interwoven strategies.

The Arts

Creative expression is an important part of a child’s education and so children receive a weekly art lesson in our fully equipped art room. The school also has a fully equipped pottery room with kiln. All students receive a weekly general music lesson. Children from grades three through to six have the opportunity to learn the guitar. We also hold an annual whole school concert for parents and friends.


Apart from the conventional sport program of competitive ball games we also offer a non-competitive program of gymnastics and swimming. Children in the lower school (prep one and two) receive a weekly gymnastics class for two terms each year and a weekly swimming lesson for the other two terms. Children in the upper school (grades three four five and six) receive a weekly gymnastics class for two terms each year and a weekly swimming lesson for one term.

Enriching Excursions

Excursions are an important part of education at Yarralinda School. Applied Scholastics approach to learning places considerable emphasis on real world learning. The purpose of receiving an education is so that the child can use what he or she has learned in their life. We have found that children that are allowed the freedom to explore and experience what they are learning are generally happier within themselves than those restricted to a mainly classroom based education. Excursions also improve academic outcomes.


Personal Tours

Tours can be organised any time throughout the year at your convenience.  

Please call the school on 9727 3032 to arrange a tour.

Mornings are ideal as literacy and numeracy are delivered at this time.



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