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International Montessori School

International Montessori School

Kleinenbergstraat 97-99, 1932 St. Stevens-Woluwe, Belgium

+32 2 767 63 60 / +32 2 721 21 11

International Montessori School

School type Coeducational Day

Head of school Lisa Thauvette & Charlotte Reilly

Co-ed Age Range 1-18

Number of pupils 420

Curriculum IBDP, IBMYP

Language of Instruction English, French The International Montessori School in Brussels is spread over 5 unique locations and offers a multilingual and international curriculum to children aged 1 to 18.

Young children are in an attractive and stimulating Montessori environment helping develop independence and self-esteem and laying the academic foundations in all subjects. All classes are fully bilingual English-French with a low child-to-teacher ratio. Primary students find themselves in an interesting and unique learning environment that helps children develop the skills necessary in 2030! Knowledge is developed and used in skill-based learning. Children become creative and innovative. The holistic and integrated curriculum assists them to learn to look at concepts from different points of view, with the aim of becoming flexible, adaptive and responsible citizens. After-school programme available offering a variety of workshops, musical instrument instruction is available during school hours for every Primary and secondary children, theatre practice, sing-alongs are some of the activities offered to help children develop their personality as a whole.

The International Baccalaureate Secondary section is situated in a uniquely renovated historic farm building with extensive fields, sports area and playgrounds close to the city. Open-space workrooms for interrelated subject teaching, laboratorium, historic library, theatre facilitities, visual arts opportunties, musical instrument for every child and even ponies are part of the learning environment.

The IB Secondary section is for students aged 11 to 18 and is made up of the Middle Years Programme and the Diploma Programme. Students 'on the move' to becoming flexible, responsible, social and international minded individuals. Students work in groups with a low ratio student to teacher, thus allowing for individualised education, different learning styles and mentorship. The emphasis is on the development of the full learner profile; such as leadership, team-playing, taking initiative, communication, decision-making and respect for differences.

Door to door school bus service is available. Public transport is available for secondary students.