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Academy of Learning Canada

Academy of Learning is Canada ?s largest network of career colleges with over 90 campuses in different areas of the country. You may choose from a number of locations, depending on the region of Canada you wish to experience, and where you prefer to study.  Academy of Learning also has international locations in Canada , Barbados, Canada , Saudi Arabia, South Africa, and the United States.

Since the college opened in 1987, over one million training courses have been taught to individuals interested in developing their professional skills.  We attribute the growth to our success in identifying the gap between the formal education available and the realities of the working world.  We fulfil the needs of learners by developing customized programs for each student while meeting the requirements for convenient and effective training at an affordable cost.

The Academy of Learning system offers a unique approach to learning for its students, shifting away from teaching in the traditional lecture format to an on-site, facilitated, learning-by-doing method.  This unique approach to training allows Academy of Learning to offer not only short effective certificate courses but also comprehensive vocational diploma programs.  Flexible scheduling is possible using this systematic method of learning.  Course enrolment is continuous; therefore, students can begin learning immediately and applying their newly developed skills.

Instruction is primarily through the Integrated Learning? System (?ILS?), involving audio-visual presentation, proprietary course books, and competency-based exams. All program and course content is developed under the direction of the Academy of Learning Academic Division.

In 2000, Academy of Learning augmented the system by adopting ?e-learning? technology as an extension of the Integrated Learning? System.  This allows internet-based delivery for Information Technology programs, such as the MCSE certification preparation program, to be taken at an Academy of Learning college.  The course content involves written material, online instruction, audio lectures, and simulated labs.  Books provided to students are official curriculum authorized by respective software suppliers, such as Microsoft.  Supplier certified trainers, as applicable, facilitate the courses online through e-mail, chat room, bulletin board postings, and telephone support, as required.  Academy of Learning staff supervises students? attendance, academic progress, and equipment and system access.  This is achieved through the courseware, labs, and certification exams.  Technical support is provided as required.  Students? online progress is recorded and quizzes are provided for each module to offer students feedback on their learning.

Various Academy of Learning colleges offer programs targeted at health services careers.  This is delivered in the traditional lecture driven format, but also contains ?ILS? and/or ?e-learning? courseware.

A student may transfer course credits from one Academy of Learning college to any other Academy of Learning college across Canada .  Academy of Learning also has agreements with University of Phoenix, University of Windsor and Athabasca University where graduates may apply Academy of Learning credits towards a degree program.

Many students obtain work in their area of training before they graduate due to the core skills obtained, their intent to continue their studies, and an aim to graduate while employed.  Academy of Learning has over 500,000 graduates working in their chosen careers.

Entrance Requirements

Enrolment in a Diploma program requires successful completion of Grade 12 (or equivalent). Special entry provisions may be available for mature students with industry experience.

If English is not your first language, an English proficiency at a minimum of TOEFL 525 for diploma level program is required. Students may be required to undertake an English language entry examination prior to entering a Diploma program.

Our Vision

Academy of Learning will always be recognized as Canada ?s most effective and respected college, providing career, business and computer skills.

Our Mission

Respond to the dynamics of the ever-changing market with the most relevant, up-to-date solutions for our clients.

Demonstrate a constant commitment to student success and employability.

Creatively meet each client?s specific requirements through the flexibility and customization of our Integrated Learning? System.

Provide advice and treat each client with care and sensitivity.

Maintain visible and meaningful partnerships with our communities.

Ensure the Integrated Learning? System remains the most up-to-date, effective learning process.

Strive to meet the highest standards for quality training products, service, and delivery.

Create opportunity for growth and success of Academy of Learning.

Our Pledge to Students

We will:

Meet your individual training needs.

Demonstrate a genuine concern for your career success.

Improve your productivity and marketability.

Provide a high quality learning experience.

Excel in the delivery of superior career, business and computer skills training.

Provide a warm and friendly learning environment.

Employ caring, professional and knowledgeable staff.


Academy of Learning believes that support is the key to success in a friendly, accessible and professional environment that is conducive to competency-based learning.  This is sustained by way of relevant curriculum, ongoing research and development, up-to-date equipment, a facilitated learning process, and a network of colleges with consistent standards ? all of which are supported and assisted by a team of staff in the National Head Office.


All Academy of Learning colleges are registered with their respective governing Provincial Authority in Canada .  Academy of Learning colleges are members of their respective Provincial Private School Associations with many being members of the National Association of Career Colleges in Canada .

Academy of Learning has received awards over the years from several newspapers in the category ?Best Private Career College?.  In addition, the Consumers? Choice Award for Business Excellence has been awarded to Academy of Learning colleges in Vancouver, Calgary, Edmonton, and Toronto.



Academy of Learning

Western Canada Head Office

300-1221 Lonsdale Ave.

North Vancouver, BC


V7M 2H5

Telephone: 604 987 4277

Fax: 604 987 4213


Email: rwhiteside@