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Study Medical Sciences Online

Geniversisty is founded based on the idea that in a world filled with talented and well meaning individuals, there must be no lack of expertise in the fields most needed by humankind.

Every person deserves affordable higher education. Cost of education in essential fields such as law and medicine shall not be so high that even the best graduates cannot afford to deliver their services with the pure intention of serving the human society.

In the age of information there is no excuse for shortage of good doctors and lawyers. Time has come to educate everyone with the right talents and the willingness to learn the trades that can serve make it a better world for all.

Mission Statement

Geniversity is the home to people who have the talents and the intention to serve the human society in high capacity professions such as Law and Medicine. It will serve as their vehicle to reach the highest summits of success by paving the way and smoothing the burdens that finances and time allocations can throw in ones road to educational success.

Geniversity is has its pillars on the belief that accurate and wise usage of technology can help minimize adverse effects of unaided human decision making. Use of machines as decision assistants (not alternative decision makers) will expedite the process of training and assist improving the procedures rapidly, accurately, and automatically.

Geniversity will train individuals who have their hands on experience from the first year of their education. Geniversity experts will challenge the Ivory Tower Graduates in their theoretical as well as their practical knowledge of their subjects. The programs of Geniversity are designed in a way that upon completion of every few modules, the student can apply the knowledge in the real life situations and employ them to get hired and practice in the field. This way, bread keeps coming to the table of families who would have otherwise had to decide between work and low education for life or starvation for an uncertain future education. Also, the knowledge that is applied immediately is always kept updated, and the minds of the graduates will be sharpened at all times by being exposed to the reality of what they have learnt in not too far past.

4 Years of Studies will earn students 4 certificated and one bachelors degree in Medical Sciences.
First year will result in Pharmaceutical Technician Certificate, the second year will be completed with the celebration of Medical Record Management and Reception Associate of Arts and Science Degree. Third year will earn a Medical Lab Assistant Certificate, and the forth year will bring a Physician Assistant Certificate as well as a Bachelors of Medical Sciences Degree.
It gives them a Recession Proof Education for lifetime employment with joy and prosperity.

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