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Training for Work in Canada

Humber Institute of Technology and Advanced Learning

Humber Institute of Technology and Advanced Learning is one of Canada's leading learning solution providers, offering specialized bachelor's degree programs in addition to diploma, certificate, apprenticeship and postgraduate programs.  Based in Toronto, Humber serves 15, 000 full-time and 55, 000 part-time learners in over 350 postsecondary programs specializing in applied knowledge and skills development for the workforce.  Humber also provides customized corporate training and business-to-business partnerships to 11, 000 employees annually.  Humber is one of 12 Vanguard Learning Colleges in North America, selected for its excellence in education and training.

Humber has two campuses in the west end of Toronto - the Humber North Campus, located 10 minutes north of Pearson Airport, and the Humber Lakeshore Campus, located on the shores of Lake Ontario within easy access of downtown. Each has a unique character that is shaped by its location, program mix, student body, size and campus activities.

Since 1967, Humber has been a leader in education in North America. In 2003, Humber was designated by the government of Canada as an Institute of Technology and Advanced Learning, in recognition of our excellence and innovation. This allows Humber to offer up to 25 bachelor's degree programs, while continuing to provide outstanding postsecondary and postgraduate programs at the diploma and certificate levels.


  • Nearly 90 per cent of Humber graduates are working within six months of graduation. 1
  • 95 per cent of employers are highly satisfied with Humber grads. 1
  • Programs follow workplace trends, producing graduates with real-life experience highly valued and needed by industry.
  • Students gain access to employers through guest speakers, projects, networking and alumni events.
  • Employers on our program advisory committees keep Humber current with the workplace and today's latest technologies.

International Students

At Humber, we know that making the move to another country involves a lot of choices: what city should I choose, what program is right for me, which educational institution will provide me with the services I need And, more importantly, where will I feel the most welcome

We invite you to scroll through our website. Take your time. Read everything. When you're done, we're convinced that you will want to make your move to a place that invites international students to learn, to grow, to make friends, and to take the first step towards an exciting career. After all, we welcome students from more than 65 countries each year!

Choose Humber

  • Leader in postsecondary education in Canada
  • Designated an Institute of Technology and Advanced Learning, in recognition of its excellence in education
  • Offers more than 150 diplomas and certificates, and five bachelor's degrees
  • 93% of employers expressed satisfaction with quality of graduates last year
  • Selected from over 700 colleges as one of twelve Vanguard Learning Colleges in North America


Making a move to the next step in your career can be a challenge. You should choose a program that fits with your interests and abilities and that will prepare you for the world of work today and tomorrow. You expect that the program you choose will give you the skills international employers require. At Humber, we can do all this and more!

Every program Humber offers is developed by a team of experts from education and the workplace. They make sure that you get the information and the practical experience you need to move confidently into your first job after graduation - wherever in the world you choose to work.

The Ontario Education System

Click Hereto discover where your studies at Humber can take you.

Program Formats

Bachelor's Degrees:
Four years in length, Humber's degrees combine traditional liberal arts courses with career-focused skills and information.
All degrees include a four-month work term.
http: //degrees. humber. ca

Typically four to six semesters long (approximately two to three years), the diploma programs focus on a particular career goal or direction (e. g. Business Administration covers a wide range of business topics including marketing, human resources and accounting. Hotel and Restaurant Management provides training in the hotel and restaurant sector covering subjects such as food production management, event planning and sales).

Upon graduation, some students choose to continue on to university or to a postgraduate or degree program at Humber.
http: //postsecondary. humber. ca

Usually two to three semesters - Emphasis is on applied learning.
www.postsecondary. humber. ca

Postgraduate Certificates:
These intensive, career-focused programs are specifically created to build on the academic foundation of those with a previous university degree or three-year college diploma.
http: //postgraduate. humber. ca

University Transfer:
Current employment trends show that, for many career paths, both a college diploma and a bachelor's degree are an advantage in today's world. Alternate pathways to bachelor's and master's level degrees can be viewed in our Transfer Guide.
http: //transferguide. humber. ca

Foundation Studies
If you know the career you wish to follow but need some academic preparation, you can begin with one of Humber's foundation programs.

  • Design Foundation
  • Media Foundation
  • Technology Foundation
  • Computing and Telecommunications Foundation
  • General Arts & Science:
  • College Transfer Profile
  • Science & Technology Transfer Profile
  • University Transfer Profile

English Language Centre
For students who need to upgrade their English skills prior to entering a diploma or degree program. English language skills are assessed and students are then placed in one of eight levels of language instruction. Upon successful completion of Level Eight, a student would then meet the English language requirements for most postsecondary programs at Humber.
For information on all of the programs offered by the English Language Centre, visit:
http: //liberalarts. humber. ca/elc/introduction. htm, or click on the English Language Centre button on the left of this screen.
To find out about the 2004 start dates for the English Language Centre, visit:
http: //liberalarts. humber. ca/elc/EAP_app. pdf

Areas of Specialisation

On Humber's web site, programs are grouped into areas of specialization. To find out more about our programs, you can search under the area that most interests you (www.postsecondary. humber. ca) or if you know the exact program, go directly to the
A-Z Index.

The general areas of specialization are:

  • Applied Technology
  • Business and Management
  • Health Sciences
  • Liberal Arts and Sciences

  • Arts and Performance
  • Community and Emergency Services
  • Information Technology Media

University Transfer Options

Upon completion of their Humber diploma, many students choose to continue on to a degree at Humber or another institution. Due to the educational rigour of our programs, many universities are prepared to offer transfer credits to successful Humber graduates. Humber's transfer guide outlines the wide variety of opportunities for further study in Canada and around the world (United States, Switzerland, Canada, France, and more).
www.transferguide. humber. ca


Humber Institute of Technology and Advanced Learning

The Humber Institute of Technology and Advanced Learning is one of Canada's leading learning solution providers.


Humber Institute of Technology and Advanced Learning
International Centre C115
205 Humber College Blvd.
Toronto, Ontario CANADA
M9W 5L7
Tel.: 416-675-5067
Fax: 416-675-6386
Email: intlenq@humber. ca

Website: www.humber. ca