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King's University College Canada

King's University College at The University of Western Ontario is a co-educational, liberal arts university college. Through its association with Western, students can enjoy the resources of a world-class university while belonging to a small community where individual attention is a priority.

King's University College is incredibly diverse and welcomes students from all faiths and backgrounds.  As a Catholic institution, King's emphasizes social justice and the value of each individual based on the belief that the exchange of varying ideas and perspectives builds mutual understanding.

Student Life:

Life for King's students includes endless opportunities for growth and involvement.  King's students have access to all of the phenomenal varsity and intramural sports teams at UWO, as well as the opportunity to join over 130 different clubs and societies.  This provides the students with the opportunity to combine their education with practical life experience and to form friendships that will extend far beyond their years at university.


King's courses are taught by highly qualified and dedicated faculty and are supported by an excellent library.  King's students also have access to the over 7 million books, journals, and CD-ROMs housed at UWO.

Tutors and learning specialists offer group and individual assistance to King's students who want to enhance and further develop their skills.  These services include an effective writing instructor, math and economics tutoring, and numerous workshops for improving note-taking and exam writing. 


King's students earn their degrees from The University of Western Ontario.  The degrees are 3 or 4 years in length depending upon the choices made regarding Minors, Majors, Honors or Specialization.

Arts include 3 or 4 year BA programs in: Catholic Studies, English, Film, French, Philosophy, Religious Studies, and Spanish.

Administrative and Commercial Studies:   This 4 year BACS program has three streams.
  1. Finance and Administration

  2. Global Commercial Enterprises

  3. Organizational and Human Resources

Childhood and Family Relations:
This 3 or 4 year BA program focuses upon: family structure and interaction, child socialization, human and child development and issues in history and work.

Social Justice and Peace Studies:
This 4 year program is designed for students who wish to expand their awareness of social justice issues, develop critical and analytical skills to act as incisive political and social critics, and who may wish to participate in voluntary internships.

Social Sciences: includes 3 or 4 year BA programs in: Economics, History, Political Science, Psychology, and Sociology.

Professional Social Work Program and Masters of Social Work:   Social Work is a demanding and rewarding career.  Students are placed in agencies or organizations in order to get hands on experience.  Some students participate in exchanges to Mexico, Cuba, or Costa Rica.

The programs at King's work to educate the whole person and to teach students to think logically, analytically, critically, and to express themselves clearly.  King's offers a wide variety of degree programs in the Arts and Social Science that range from Administrative and Commercial Studies, to Childhood and Family Relations, and Social Justice and Peace Studies.  King's also offers one of the few Professional Social Work programs and Masters in Social Work in the province.


King's will be extending offers of admission, scholarships, and residence to students with strong academic records beginning in mid-April.  Students must be enrolled in or have completed pre-requisite courses for their program of choice.

For further information about applying to King's University College please contact the office of the Registrar at 1-800-265-4406 (toll free within North America) 519-433-3491, or email

Vital Statistics:

King's has a population of approximately 2, 700 full-time students that come from over 30 different countries. 

Graduates from King's University College are highly successful in finding employment related to their field of study.  In fact, the graduate rate of success for finding jobs is higher than the provincial average for new university graduates.

King's is able to guarantee residence to all successful candidates, so long as they submit their residence application by the deadline.

All students coming to King's University College with an overall average of 83% or higher will be rewarded with one of our generous entrance scholarships.


Address: 266 Epworth Avenue, London, Ontario, Canada 519-433-3491

Fax: 519-433-2227




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Address: 266 Epworth Avenue, London, Ontario, Canada 519-433-3491

Fax: 519-433-2227