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Study Environmental Landscape Management
Co-operative Education Program at Seneca College Canada

This is a co-operative education program that integrates academic study in the areas of Environmental (EV) Resource Managementand Landscaping (L)with a semester of paid work experience in government organizations and/or privatecompanies. The focus of study encompasses the entire ecosystem with special emphasis given to practical training and technical knowledge to prepare graduates with a diverse range of skills. Many of the subjects in the curriculum utilize the beautiful natural environment of King Campus (280 hectares) or off-campus sites to provide practical training in the out-of-doors.

For those individuals interested in owning their own company some day or in preparing for a future management position, specific training is provided in park and small business management. 

Our graduates have had great success in finding employment and advancing in their careers because of the broad range of skills they can offer and the practical experience they acquire through their 16 week (minimum) co-op work term. The students receive job search training, employer contacts, and are introduced to employment opportunities throughout the program. Our diversified curriculum, which combines traditional landscaping, horticulture and park management with environmental resource management training, has positioned our graduates to meet the changing labour market.

International Students

Seneca College prepares students from 75 countries for success in the global economy, by offering excellence in education, by creating a dynamic, state-of-the-art learning and working environment, by building strong relationships with our learners, our partners, our communities, and by preparing today's learners for tomorrow's careers.

School of Recreation,

Faculty of Applied Arts and Health Sciences

Leisure Service programs provide a number of paths to rewarding and exciting careers -- the 'business' of recreationprogramming and activity leadership, facility operations and management and the shaping and maintenance of outdoor resources. Currently, the industry values employees who have highly developed skills in specific, often technical, vocational areas and employees who possess a broad knowledge and a wide range of skills in complementary areas such as tourism-recreation or recreation programming-facility operations. The emerging curriculum of the Centre for Tourism and Leisure Services will allow you to customize your learning to meet these industry requirements.

King Campus - a global college in a rural setting

The 282 hectares (696 acres) of natural environment atKing Campus provides students with an ideal opportunity to acquire a wide variety of practical skills including landscape design, construction and maintenance, turf grass propagation and maintenance, greenhouse and nursery operations, machinery operations, integrated pest management as well as ecological restorations. Environmental Landscape Management program is based on a co-operative education model and is combined with on-campus training sessions.

2 Years Diploma Program

Admission Requirements are the Ontario Secondary School Diploma or mature student status, and Grade 12 English or equivalent.

Please note:   The practical skills training and co-op work components in this program involve physically challenging work. The outdoor environment and some program activities may offer an element of risk. To succeed, the student must be capable of participating in strenuous physical activity and be safety conscious to provide a safe learning experience. If you have concerns or questions regarding the nature of this work, please contact the program co-coordinator.


Subject Title

CPP 100

Co-op Professional Theory

RPO 124

Introduction to Park Operations

RPO 134

Machinery Operation & Maintenance

RPO 165


RPO 168

Turf Maintenance

RPO 185

Restoring Natural Ecosystems

EAC 150

College English

ICA 001

Introduction to Computers and Applications

** Students must complete a practical skill training program at the beginning of the first semester and receive a satisfactory evaluation


Subject Title

CWT 100

Co-op Work Term*

NAT 285

Terrestrial Ecosystems

RPO 205

Park Management

RPO 234

Machinery Theory

RPO 264

Greenhouse Operations

RPO 365


XXX 111

General Education Elective

* CWT 100 is a mandatory Co-op Work Term (May to end of September) which must be satisfactorily completed before the student is allowed to enter Semester 3


Subject Title

CPP 200

Co-op Professional Practice

ELM 375

Business Management I

RPO 384

Landscape Construction

RPO 385

Aquatic Ecosystems

ELM 353

Introduction to Computer Aided Drafting


Subject Title

ELM 475

Business Management II

RPO 373

Pest and Weed Control

RPO 453

Landscape Design

RPO 495


XXX 222

General Education Elective

XXX 333

General Education Elective

For further information visit



Stu Koch

Program Co-ordinator

  Postal address:

Environmental Landscape Management
Seneca College

King Campus

13990 Dufferin Street
King City ON

Canada L7B 1B3


+1 905 833 3333 ext.5056


+1 905 8332085

Electronic mail:

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