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Sino-Canada High School

Sino-Canada High School is a real Canadian school. It is a fully certified, private, international high school with permission from the British Colombia Ministry of Education(CANADA) and the China Ministry of Education to operate an "offshore" Canadian High School in China.
Located in the Shanghai area, Sino-Canada High School is the only school authorized to provide a certified Canadian high school curriculum and diploma program to international students. The Canadian curriculum provides powerful advantages to studetns whose future goal is to study in universities around the world. Canadian curriculums are available for international students in middle school and high school, grades 10-12.Sino-Canada High School's world class Canadian curriculum meets the specific needs of global families living an international lifestyle. No matter where you go, Canadian high school credits are easily transferrable and the certified diploma is accepted, your safest bet when you apply to universities anywhere.
A mature faculty comprised of certified teaching professionals and a principal certified by the British Columbia Ministry of Education(CANADA) provides your child with consistent teaching and the best education standards. A low faculty turnover rate means your child doesn't have to readjust their lives to change in our staff. Our teacheres are friendly, experienced and motivated instructors who provide a high level of personal support to all our students. 
School provides an anthentic Canadian high school environment and academic experience that effectively prepares international students, equipping them with the necessary qualifications and skills for further education in Canada or universities worldwide.
Students participate in a progressive, creative and nurturing environment specifically designed to foster development of positive behavior, an appreciation of learning, respect and caring for self and others, sense of belonging and social responsibility. Through our curriculums, students are made aware of the challenges they face in the global village and multicultural socieies we live in today.
A diploma from Sino-Canada High School is tour passport to the world. A canadian high school diploma is one of the most widely accepted high school diplomas in the world. You can use it to avoid the transition difficulties, such as costly and time consuming universities PREP courses, often required for high school students who apply to universities from China.

School Summary:
Founded 2003
Junior& Senior students, aged 12 - 18
Canadian& Chinese curriculum, e.g. myp, diploma
Certified Canadian Teachers




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