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Xi'an Hi-Tech International School

The Xi an Hi-Tech International School was conceived as an integral part of the Xi an New Hi-Tech International Development Zone, one of the three largest development projects of this kind in China. In order to make locating in the HTDZ attractive
and feasible for foreign companies, the Administrative Committee realized that it would be necessary to have a world class
international school for the children of the foreign employees of these companies. And so, with an initial investment of over 8
million RMB, the Xi an Hi-Tech International School was built. Whereas in the first year the faculty never numbered more than five
teachers, the 2004-2005 school year began with nine excellently qualified and talented teachers who were joined by four more
teachers at the start of the second semester. Enrollment the first year never exceeded eighteen students; not surprising given the number of expatriates living in Xi an and the role the school is expected to play in attracting foreigners. By the start of our
second semester of our second year, enrollment had grown to 37. We currently have 56 students and are growing rapidly.
During winter 2007 we came under management of EtonHouse International Schools as additional evidence of our upward evolution.

CURRICULUM North American.  We are currently in pursuit of International Baccalaureate accreditation.

STAFF We have 15 teachers from five different countries.

FACILITIES The school has exceptional facilities including 28 large, light-filled classrooms, the largest English library in Shaanxi Province, science, 2 computer labs, music rooms, art rooms, very large indoor gym, outdoor track/soccer field, 800 seat auditorium, 2 lecture halls, cafeteria and more. Our facilities are
second to none.

SCHOOL YEAR AND SCHOOL DAY The XJIS school calendar for 2006-2007 is available here: http: //

Our mission statement... To provide the highest quality internationally recognized education for the children of foreign nationals living in Xi'an and to become a
recognized centre of educational reform and renewal in China
* We believe That every human being is unique yet has the same    innate capacity for curiosity, wonder and appreciation of life and all other aspects of existence;
* That there is a longing in each of us to see the world as good,   beautiful and truthful;
* That every individual has within him/herself the power to develop  meaning and purpose in his/her life;
* That each of us contains the seeds of greatness in some area of human endeavor;
* That there are many ways of learning and knowing and that every one of them is equally valid;
* That intelligence is modifiable, that intelligence can be taught;
* That under the guidance of sensitive, caring, skilled, respectful, nurturing, knowledgeable, impassioned, inspiring, inspired and appropriately challenging mentors/teachers, these seeds of greatness can begin to sprout and eventually be brought to flower;
* That we, ourselves, are sensitive, caring, skilled, respectful,   nurturing, knowledgeable, impassioned, inspiring, inspired and   appropriately challenging teachers who are able to guide the   students before us on the path to greatness; and

* That everything we believe about the potential of human beings in  general applies specifically to each one of the students entrusted to us.

For education to truly prepare a young person for life it must attend to all of the present needs of the developing individual, the intellectual, emotional, volitional and transcendental needs, and provide the necessary knowledge and skills for full and successful participation in the economic, social/cultural and political activities of adulthood.

School Summary:
Founded 2003
60 students, aged 4-18
British Columbia, Canada Curriculum
15 staff

Xi'an Hi Tech International School
New Industrial Park of Xi'an Hi-Tech Development Zone
Xi'an, Shaanxi, China 710119
http: //



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