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International Schools in Qingdao China

Yew Chung International School of Qingdao (YCIS)

YCIS Qingdao provides education for K2-Year 13, offering one of the most progressive programmes of international education in China, leading to university entrance. YCIS brings together the best of Eastern and Western educational philosophies, implemented through a bilingual Co-Teaching model. The school's unique international curriculum and multicultural approach to education is recognised globally, and sets the school apart within the international school arena. YCIS can accept admissions for students who themselves and their parent(s) hold a passport or permanent residency from a foreign country, Hong Kong, Macau or Taiwan.

YCIS Qingdao



Yew Chung Education began in 1932 and the Qingdao school was opened in 2006.  Nestled between the sea and mountains YCIS serves the community to the east and west of the city centre. Early Childhood, Primary and Secondary students are served from the rapidly expanding expatriate community. YCIS Qingdao is a member of Council of International Schools.


 Recent News

 In 2012, YCIS became the first and only school to receive the ‘Cambridge Award for Excellence in Education’ awarded by Cambridge International Examinations to acknowledge consistent years of world class IGCSE results including several ‘Top in the World’ and ‘Top in China’ IGCSE awards across difficult subjects. 

The school is authorised as an accredited Cambridge International Examinations Centre.

 K2-Y13 International Curriculum Programme:

        Early Childhood Education, Early Years Foundation Stage, England

        National Curriculum for England (Years K2 - Y11)

        International General Certificate of Secondary Education (IGCSE)

        A Level & YCIS Diploma Programme (Years 12 &13)

        Character Education Programme

        Bilingual Education Programme (English/Chinese)

        English as an Additional Language (EAL)

        Chinese Language and Culture

 Early Childhood Education (Kindergarten 2-4)

Our Early Childhood bilingual programme, featuring a unique YCIS Co-Teaching Model, places an emphasis on enquiry, constructing meaning and hands-on learning in a nurturing, caring environment. The programme is guided by the Early Years Foundation Stage Practice Guidance from England, which offers clear guidance for learning, based upon developmentally appropriate practice. It is an integrated curriculum with challenging activities covering a range of learning areas rather than isolated subjects. The programme is supported with an integrated English and Chinese curriculum, which is adapted to fit the international setting and the needs of the children.

YCIS Early Childhood Education K2 – K4

 Primary / Elementary Education (Years 1-6)

The YCIS Primary international curriculum has learning objectives from the National Curriculum for England (NCE), known as Key Stages 1 and 2. The programme incorporates both Western and Eastern teaching through the Co-Teaching model. The school offers students a truly multicultural learning environment where linguistic skills in both English and Chinese are applied a range of learning topics of enquiry. 

Core subjects include:

        Character Education

        English and Chinese Languages



        Information & Communication Technology (ICT)

        Design & Technology (D&T)

        Geography, History


        Art & Design

        Physical Education

 Secondary Education (Years 7-13)

Within the Secondary Education at YCIS is an internationally authorised curriculum leading to university entrance examinations. The Secondary International Curriculum consists of a Character Education Programme, The National Curriculum for England, The International General Certificate for Secondary Education (IGCSE), A Levels, and a Chinese language and culture curriculum. The syllabus sets out the actions, concepts, knowledge, skills and understandings of what will be taught, and key targets for learning and assessment. English and Mandarin (Chinese language) are the medium of instruction.

 Years 7-9 students experience a challenging holistic programme with a variety of subjects, projects, school trips and events. It builds upon the Primary and prepares the students for the IGCSE exams.

 Years 10-11 undertake the IGCSE Programme. It provides a broad study syllabus drawing upon five subject areas: Languages, Humanities, Social Sciences, Mathematics and Creative, Technical and Vocational. Students take a combination of core subjects and choose a number of optional subjects. Within the curriculum, there is a balance of theoretical knowledge and practical experiences, including field trips and charity events. International examinations are taken at the end of Year 11.

YCIS is truly an International School


Years 12-13 prepare for university through the A Level and YCIS Diploma Programme. It is the most widespread international course of study for secondary students. This programme is a two-year course for 16-18 year-olds. It is a well-recognised qualification for entry to most universities around the world.

 Secondary School Subjects include:

         Character Education (Personal and Social Values and Emotional Education)


         English Language, Chinese Language & Chinese Culture

         Design & Technology


         Information & Communication Technology

         Humanities, History, Geography, Global Issues


         Music (general), Drama, Orchestra, Choir

         Physical Education and General Sports

         Science (combined), Coordinated Science, Biology, Chemistry, Marina Science


YCIS Secondary Education


 Chinese Curriculum

YCIS places great emphasis on the acquisition of the Chinese language (Mandarin), an increasingly important world language. In order to foster a deeper understanding of the language, students are also required to study Chinese culture. Students learn to read, write and speak fluently in Mandarin through curricula tailored for both native and non-native English speakers. These courses run from Kindergarten all the way through to Secondary School and help students attain a strong command of the Chinese language after two to three years.

YCIS Chinese Language and Culture



Character Education

The Character Education Programme at YCIS is a vital component across all year levels within the school. The programme focuses on developing students as individuals with good character and high moral standard. Positive character traits such as perseverance, kindness and diligence and respect are examples of these traits and are studied within Character Education assemblies and classes in the form of role-plays, analysis of common moral situations and project. Using such everyday situations and real stories, topics of personal and social development, character building, morality and ethics are combined with global perspectives. In addition, YCIS has its own charity, ‘Seeds of Hope’, a charity that builds schools for less fortunate children in rural areas of China.


YCIS Charity Visit


Contact Details:

Yew Chung International School of Qingdao

72 Tai Hang Shan Lu

Economic & Technology Development Zone

Shandong, 266555, China.

Tel: (+86) 0532 8699 5551







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Contact Details:

Yew Chung International School of Qingdao

72 Tai Hang Shan Lu

Economic & Technology Development Zone

Shandong, 266555, China.

Tel: (+86) 0532 8699 5551