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Kessaris Private School

(K-12) Nursery to Senior High school ( 2.5 to 18 years of age )

 Kaisaris School was founded in 1960 in Paleo Faliro by Mr. Andreas Kaisaris who envisioned a school with a family environment which focuses on maintaining personal relationships with its students and their families. Since 1995, Kaisaris School has been located in Koropi, in an idyllic rural area covering 40.000m2.

Over the years, the school has evolved into a very modern academic institution. High educational standards and successful endeavours in every field have been achieved due to its innovating teaching methods and accomplished and highly qualified teaching staff.


Our school is equipped with technologically advanced infrastructure (interactive whiteboards, video projectors, peripheral devices, laptops and internet access in classrooms). Moreover, we have introduced with great success the use of tablets in class (from year 4 Primary School through High School). All material used in this endeavour is created by our teachers.

All students attending High School and Senior high school  can use the material that has been organised on our online educational platform (moodle). We have also adopted an innovative system of informing parents about their children’s performance through an online platform.

Our school consists of 2 separate buildings: The first building houses the Nursery School, the Kindergarten and the Primary School. The second building houses the High School and the Senior High school.

Our sports facilities include an indoor swimming pool, a tennis court, a 5*5 football pitch, 4 basketball courts, playgrounds as well as 4000m2 of an outdoor setting designated for outdoor teaching and various activities.


Upon graduation our students are admitted to the most prestigious Greek, British and American Universities. Finally, we have acquired both ISO 9001:2008 as well as ISO ELOT EN 1176 – 1:2008  for the exceptional quality and high standards of our school and our playgrounds.


Kessaris Private School


Lamptron and Lysimachou

Tel 30 210 9656300