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TEFL Course and TEFL Jobs in Greece

Why Greece?
Legendary hospitality...ancient civilisations...superb climate...islands and beaches...wonderful food...there are as many answers as there are visitors to Greece. But here are a few practical reasons to choose Greece:

Ease of access: Athens is just 3.5 hours from London, and with the availability of cheap flights it's an easy destination to reach.
Exotic, but not alien: Greece is different enough to be interesting, but not so strange that you'll suffer from homesickness and culture shock.
EU member: As Greece is a member of the EU, there are no restrictions on travel, residence or employment.
Experience not essential: Many teaching positions are open to any graduate.

Qualifications Required for TEFL Jobs
For positions at entry level, experience is not essential. The only pre-requisites are that you must be a native speaker of English and you must have a university degree and a TEFL certificate. It does not matter what subject your degree is in, although preference may be given to candidates with degrees in languages or related subjects.

Working Conditions
The majority of English Language schools in Greece are small and privately owned. The pupils attend the local state school in the morning, and so the English schools operate in the afternoon and evening. Most schools employ only two or three teachers and have 100-200 pupils. Attendance at such a school is the norm for children from all kinds of social backgrounds. They usually begin at the age of 8, and continue until they are at least 15.

You would not normally expect to teach the youngest children, unless you happen to speak Greek, but you might teach children of 10+. Classes last for 1-2 hours, and for the older pupils there is a strong orientation towards exams such as the Cambridge FCE and CPE. Most of the children are enthusiastic learners and classes are usually reasonably small, with perhaps 10-12 members. Discipline is rarely a problem although, like young teenagers everywhere, students can sometimes be boisterous.

You can expect to work with a high standard of materials and equipment. All students have a course book, containing material for all your lessons, and you will also have a teacher’s guide and audio cassettes to accompany each course book. Most schools use video, and many now use computers and the Internet.

Hours of work are normally between 3-10pm, Monday to Friday. Some schools also have classes in the mornings, especially the larger schools in the big cities, which cater for older students, and it is possible that you might be required to work on Saturdays. You would normally teach for about 25 hours per week.

* For the academic year 2006 - 2007, the usual (minimum) hourly rate of pay is 8.54 euros gross, minus 15.89% for National Insurance, leaving a net balance of 7.18.

TEFL Certification in Greece
Internationally recognised CTEFL courses are available in two of Greece’s most beautiful, historic locations. Courses are offered on the mainland, in the city of Corinth, and in Chania, on the island of Crete.

Steeped in history and myth, but equally well-known for its beaches and nightlife, Crete has something to offer everyone. Whether it’s relaxing on a beach or taking a boat to explore neighbouring islands; snorkeling in the Mediterranean Sea or hiking the breathtaking Samaria Gorge; exploring ancient Minoan ruins or marveling at the coexistence of Venetian and Turkish architecture; or just simply relaxing in a cafe and watching the world go by... Crete promises not to disappoint.

Conveniently situated 50 miles from Athens, Corinth is the gateway to the Peloponnese, an area rich in natural beauty and historical sites.

The modern city of Corinth is the regional capital, and has all the facilities to make your stay enjoyable, including numerous outdoor cafes, bars and restaurants, several beaches, and services such as travel agencies, banks and hundreds of shops. There are excellent transport connections, with buses to Athens at least every hour, and frequent trains and buses connecting Corinth to the surrounding towns and villages.

Greece offers a fascinating cultural blend of east and west that is sure to satisfy any visitor. Many people come to Greece on holiday and decide to stay much longer.


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