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Greenland International Schools

Teaching in the District of Qaanaaq.
For many years there has been a significant lack of trained teachers in most of Greenland - especially in the settlements or other small cities "far away". This goes for Qaanaaq as well. More trained teachers are needed at schools in Qaanaaq as well as in schools in the settlements.
If you are a trained teacher and you can teach in Inuktitut/English or English/Danish, and if you would like to be a teacher here, then you are always welcome to contact us for more information about the possibilities.

The schools in municipality of Qaanaaq:
Avanersuup Atuarfia - School in Qaanaaq
Savissiviup Atuarfia - School in Savissivik

Moriusap Atuarfia - School in Moriusaq

Qeqertat Atuarfia - School in Qeqertat

Siorapaluup Atuarfia - School in Siorapaluk

Atuarfissuaq - Pupils Home

Avanersuup Atuagaataqarfia - Public Library in Qaanaaq

Qaanaap Timmersortarfia - Sports Gymnasium

Teaching in the District of Qaanaaq - Teaching positions are open

Avanersuup Atuarfia,
Box 96, 3971 Qaanaaq,
Phone 971033, Fax 971290,
The school in Qaanaaq has approximately 165 pupils in 1st grade through 12th grade. They are from 5 to 18 years old. Eighteen teachers are employed at the school.

A part of the school building is used as a home for the older pupils from the remote villages around Qaanaaq. The Qaanaaq Municipality administration office of Culture and Education is situated at the school.


Savissiviup Atuarfia, Savissivik,
3970 Pituffik, Phone 974533
The school in Savissivik has about 15 pupils in 1st to 9th grade. At this time only untrained teachers are employed. In April 1999 a new and modern school with modern facilities will be operational. There is a minor public library at the school.


Moriusap Atuarfia, Moriusaq,
3970 Pituffik, Phone 974633
The school in Moriussaq has about 12 to 14 pupils in 1st to 9th grade. One trained and two untrained teachers are employed. Teaching takes place in two well equipped rooms. On Sundays one of the rooms functions as a church. There is a small public library at the school.


Qeqertat Atuarfia, Qeqertat,
3971 Qaanaaq
The district's smallest settlement has only 2-4 pupils. After 6th grade they will have to go to Qaanaaq to continue schooling. An untrained teacher is teaching in Qeqertat. A part of the year teaching is done in a private home and at other periods in the small school which also is functioning as a church and public library.


Siorapaluup Atuarfia, Siorapaluk, ,
3971 Qaanaaq, Phone 975733
The school in Siorapaluk is in an old building combined with a church. There are 14-15 pupils in 1st to 9th grade. One trained and two untrained teachers are teaching. In the building is a small village public library.


Atuarfissuaq (Pupils Home),
Box 96, 3971 Qaanaaq
In the remote district settlements pupils will only be able to go in school until 6th or 9th grade. If they are to continue schooling from 6th to 9th grade they must stay at the Pupils Home in Qaanaaq.

There is housing for up to 18 pupils from the surrounding settlements. The Pupils Home is free and paid for by the municipality.

To keep the pupils busy the Pupils Home is well equipped with computer, TV/video-set, Hi Fi rack for music playing and several instruments for playing music so nobody has to be bored.

Every day, for an hour or so, pupils have to stay indoors to do their homework.

A couple is living together with the pupils in the Pupils Home trying to give it an atmosphere like a "Real Home".


Avanersuup Atuagaateqarfia (Public Library),
Box 96, 3971 Qaanaaq, Phone 971033,

The Public Library in Qaanaaq is the main library in the district. There are about 8,000 - 10,000 books in the library mostly in Greenlandic and Danish. That is not a lot of books for a library. But the service is great: Anyone can order any book for free and when it arrives by air it can be borrowed for a month before returning it. All libraries in the district open once or twice a week except in schools on holidays.

At the main Public Library, which also is the schools library, an Internet connection is established. Use of the Internet PC is free to all during the opening time of the library or when school is open.

Qaanaap Timmersortarfia (Sports Gymnasium),
Box 96, 3971 Qaanaaq, Phone 971320
The gym is usually open during the whole week. The use of facilities is free, but one has to be a pupil in school or a member of a local sport club. In a small kiosk (shop) in the gym one can buy coffee, tea, soft drinks, ice cream and hot dogs.

Qaanaap Ratiunga (Local Radio of Qaanaaq) has a facility in the gym. The radio is broadcasting local news and music in FM-stereo several hours a week.

In spare time there are other possibilities besides sports. In one of the rooms one can play pool, or bob. In another room one can watch TV or video. The gym is also used as a meeting facility for the whole population.

Department of Culture and Education, 3971 Qaanaaq

Phone 971033, Fax 971290,