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Yew Chung International School Hong Kong

Yew Chung provides a bilingual "through-train" education in a multicultural environment from early childhood education through primary and secondary education culminating in the International Baccalaureate Diploma Programme (IB).

Early childhood is a special time for parents and children. Their first educational experience outside of their home environment must be positive, enriching and stimulating.

Special Features of Yew Chung Children's House and Kindergarten

* At Yew Chung we want every child to experience the joy and delight of learning. Our environment is designed to be visually stimulating. The kindergarten focuses on nurturing the holistic development of children with an emphasis on intellectual and sensory enrichment.

* Through the use of English and Chinese bilingual education in multicultural learning environments, Yew Chung students are well prepared to meet the challenges of the 21st century.

* Children are encouraged to interact with each other and participate in their own learning. Being an active and independent learner is a skill that carries on thoughout life.

* Since music plays an integral role in the intellectual development of a child, Yew Chung has a strong focus on music and movement which is incorporated into each programme.

* Another important aspect in the holistic development of a child is that of natural curiosity. To stimulate this innate characteristic, children are taken to our Yew Chung Farm for visits and other exciting excursions.

Yew Chung International School Hong Kong


3 Somerset Road,

Kowloon Tong,

Hong Kong SAR.

Tel: (852) 2338 0264

Fax: (852) 2337 8616

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