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Prime Marketing Limited IRELAND English Schools

The provides a wide range of language schools, colleges and universities, not only with academic reputation but also having unrivalled campus experience. Each language school, college and university has their dedicated staff providing a student focused approach to ensure a supportive, individualized and innovative learning experience. helps our students to make an easy transition into employment. The strong relationship of the language schools, colleges and universities with the industry ensures that the skills and knowledge acquired in the classroom are what employers are looking for in their employees. is made possible to local students through efficient and transparent guidance. With the expertise and in depth knowledge about study abroad, we offer you in a platter, the best in education by the top rated language schools, colleges and universities all around the world.
Founded: 2013
Phone: 353872688851
E-mail: abdur.
Address: Unit 11, Tolka Valley Business Park, Ballyboggan Road 11 Dublin