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Al-Sibgha School System

School Profile:
Founded 2004
300 students, aged 3 - 16
Play Group Nursery  Prep 
Class I Class II Up to Class X/"O" Level International curriculum,
e. g. Oxford, 30 staff
/ pk
Combination of Hifz-e-Quran (or Nazra with Tajweed) & Schooling.  
First ever to introduce Islamic Montessori System in Pakistan.
Teaching Spoken English from play group onwards.
Thorough English Medium with Computer (IT) Education.
Computer (IT) training under the supervision of Microsoft Certified Trainers (MCT) and CompTIA IT Professional Members.
Learning through motivation avoiding corporal punishment.
Extra curricular activities for the students.  
Education & training according to the values of Islam.
Our team consists of hardworking and experienced teachers.  
A purpose built campus with hygienic environment.
Fully air conditioned class rooms.
Satisfactory arrangement of transport is available.
Registered with Lahore Board 
Our Objectives
To provide the wealth of Hifz-e-Quran to all the Muslim families and provide standard contemporary and religious education to children along with the improvement of their character and  Amaal .  
I- JUNIOR SECTION: This section consists of two levels.
Level-I: In this level the child will first study regular Nursery class and then will move on to the Prep class, where the basics for Hifz-e-Quran will be developed, along with the regular school education.
Level-II: In this section the Hifz-e-Quran will be started along with the regular but limited schooling.
II- SENIOR SECTION: In this section the students will continue their regular schooling from 6th class onward to  O Level  / Matriculation.
III- SPECIAL SECTION: The children (at the age of 10/11) who have completed their Hifz-e-Quran in the institute other than AL-SIBGHA, arrangement has been made for their admission in class VI subject to the condition that they have spent two years in AL-SIBGHA to cover the courses from class I to class V. Such students will take matriculation examination under Lahore Board.
Class:        Age (Approx. )
Play Group:    2. 5 3. 5 years 
Nursery:      3. 5 - 4. 5 years 
Prep:       4. 5 5. 5 years 
Class I:     5. 5 6+ years
Class II:      7+ years 
Up to Class X /  O  Levels.  
Our team consists of hardworking and experienced teachers.  
We are developing a help desk. If parents find any problem relating to academic and other aspects of the children training, they can contact and discuss it with the coordinator as well as staff members. The help desk will be available for consultancy purpose only on per need basis, a channel of open communication.
A Library: To evoke the sense of book reading in our students, considering that the books are the largest and most comprehensive source of knowledge.
A Computer Lab: To acquire our students with the latest technology and to train them according to the requirement of this era of Information Technology.
Monitoring System: To enhance the quality of education we have introduced a comprehensive Audio and Video monitoring system.  
Play Room: We have developed a play room for the young kids. In this play room our trained staff will try to develop learning abilities in the students with the help of the toys and pictures. Our staff will also try to develop their natural learning habit, with the help of different toys and stuff that will get them acquaintance with many subjects that are unknown to them.
31st March 2004
We are least influenced by any other Education System, rather we have evolved our own system, based on Standard Educational Values with respect to Science, Culture, and Islamic teaching. It is a theme-based Education leading to professional success. We focus much more on the personality grooming and mental development of the child.
Mission Statement:
Obey Allah and obey Rasulullah sallallahu 'alaihi wasallam
Our mission is to provide quality education and training for the success of here & hereafter.   AL-SIBGHA  is a well thought concept in which we intend to blend the best theories and practices of modern education system with the most practical and successful teaching system and values given to us by Islam.  
The underlying objective is to save our children from being westernized and yet to provide them with the best and the most modern means available in the field of education today. In the end we expect them not to become just doctors, engineers, scientists and businessmen etc; but Muslim doctors, Muslim engineers, Muslim scientists and Muslim businessmen, etc; and be successful in the life here and hereafter. At  AL-SIBGHA  we encourage and inculcate in children healthy and productive habits in order to develop a very positive attitude which in turn leads to an overall logical and systematic life. It is like providing them with a mold of success!