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International School of Islamabad

DOS/Administrative Officer, 8100 Islamabad Place, Washington, DC, 20521-8100, USA
Tel: (+92) 51 443 4950 ; Fax: (+92) 51 444 0193 pk; pk
School Summary:
260 students, 3-18 yrs.

International School of Islamabad
The International School of Islamabad ensures that each student achieves academic success, develops a lifelong love of learning and becomes a responsible global citizen through an American-based education.
We Believe That
All people have equal intrinsic worth.
Individuals are responsible for their actions.
Embracing diversity enriches the individual and society.
Personal success is fundamental to self-esteem.
The family is of vital importance in the development of the individual.
Each person is a unique learner.
Each person requires nurturing and love to achieve full potential.
Parents, students and teachers share he responsibility for education.
Creativity and freedom of expression enrich the individual and society.
Quality education empowers the individual and expands options throughout life.
By the year 2008
All students will achieve academic success by meeting or exceeding the school's achievement standards.
All students will demonstrate a love of learning by exhibiting enthusiasm in their active pursuit of personally challenging activities that spark their curiosity and make learning meaningful in their lives.
All students will continually demonstrate responsible global citizenship by choosing to make positive contributions to the world.