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Maarif International School of Bucharest High School



Maarif International School of Bucharest High School is a private school with two separate sections: the National section which follows the National Curriculum and the International section which follows the Cambridge curriculum.

The International section uses English as the language of instruction. The school building facilities are spacious and contain large classrooms equipped with technology to facilitate a constructive learning environment. MISB provides a variety of activities that meet the learners’ needs and interests. Cooperation and transparency determine the relationships in the school community. We are aiming at providing our students with the skills and values to be good citizens who contribute to the improvement of their community.

At MISB, we are all citizens of humanity, working towards a common goal which is to be active, principled global citizens. Therefore, we have an open selection policy regardless of students’ nationality, ethnicity, cultural background, or religious belief.

Our prospective students are selected by an admission committee based on objective criteria: age of the student, placement and entrance test, previous school records, student’s interview results, the health of the students, and availability of places.

So why should you choose MISB for your child’s education?

With 2 sections offering two different curricula: National and International curricula, MISB combines the needs and wants of everyone. The international curriculum, that of Cambridge, is offered by national/international staff, and the campus has excellent physical facilities and a wonderful international student body.

MISB students are engaged in learning and are very fortunate to have the opportunities to pursue and explore a wide range of activities in the areas of sports, music and arts. MISB has a very broad After School Programme, a wonderful library and great sports areas.

Apart from exploring the curriculum in English, the students can learn other languages such as Turkish, Romanian, French and Arabic.

MISB certificates are recognised by the Ministry of Education in Türkiye

If you want to find out more about Maarif International School of Bucharest High School, come and visit us to find out more!