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Central Africa Bible School Kigali

Central Africa Bible School based in Kigali, it is new school founded 15th  February 2008 in Kigali city; this school is to tell the people from the region to come back to God through the peace, reconciliation, to have the Hope for region reconstruction, so physically, spiritual, and sustainable development.  


 This school is the answer of Bible teachings will bring in the families; in the churches to from the region the hope too many people who having the problems from the spiritually  poverty to serve God.


 The churches from Rwanda, Burundi RDC 93 % they have the ignorance, in Bible teachings, it's the source of conflict in the churches in the region, this school will be the conflict management in their  churches.


 We have found the address of International Bible Sschool of London from the internet research during two years ago.

For beginning this school it's not that we have more money financing this school, but we have the call from God to put into operation it in the will of God. We have only the class which could receive the 30 student's for to  start, then the TV, DVD prayer, the money of location for to 3 months are available its means 500 U$.


For asking the school fees it will be difficult to both new students from the Genocide of Rwanda   which has again the consequences of poverty and the civil war is still in RCD and Burundi who is in process of searching the long time peacefully.


We don't have the teachers seniority in the bible school experienced its means we asking you, the Volunteers, the CD's Bible teaching, computers, documentations  and others requirement in need for school if possible. In great request are the prayers from you and advocacy about our School.


Any assistance from you will be highly appreciated to us.




Team leader of:


Bible School in Central Africa(BISCA)

Pastor Pierre Damien M.


TEL +250 08467411

P. O. BOX 995 KIGALI Rwanda  


Contact: ramkigali@yahoo. fr