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Masters degree in Biblical Archaeology South Africa

If you are enthusiastic about the fascination of Biblical Archaeology, this Master's is for you.
Here follows the information as stated on page 88 of the 2004 Unisa Calendar, number 4 for Postgraduate Qualifications.
Admission Requirements
Three different categories of students may obtain admission  to the MA degree in Biblical Archaeology:

Category A:  Applicants with a Bachelor's degree with Biblical Archaeology (or equivalent subject) as a major.

Category B:  Applicants with any Bachelor's degree.

Category C:  Applicants with an appropriate Honours Bachelor's degree.

  • Applicants from categories A and B must complete five papers from the list of papers (see below) for a total of 120 credits (5 X 24 = 120 credits).

  • Category A applicants have to pass any five papers, excluding the introductory paper HBA401-F.

  • Category B applicants have to pass any four papers plus the introductory paper  HBA401-F

  •  Category C applicants have to pass the introductory paper HBA401- for non-degree purposes.

  • After completion of the required number of papers by candidates from Categories A, B and C as stipulated in part 1 above, a full dissertation of approximately 180 pages must be completed (120) credits).

Transitional Arrangements
Students who have completed papers for BA (Honours) Biblical Studies with the Biblical Archaeology option, will be credited.
Completion of the curriculum

1 The full dissertation may only be completed once the required papers have been passed.

2 The MA in Biblical Archaeology may not be completed in less tan two years (except for applicants in Category C).

3 After completion of this degree a candidate can be admitted to a Doctoral programme (DLitt et Phil) in Biblical Archaeology.
Intermediate Qualification
After completion of the five papers, an applicant from Category A or Category B may exit the programme and will be awarded an Honours BA degree in Biblical Archaeology.

HBA401-F: An orientation to biblical archaeology (introductory paper) (24 credits)

HBA402-G: Biblical archaeology of the Late Bronze, Iron Age and the Babylonian and Persian period (24 credits)

HBA403-H: Biblical archaeology of the Hellenistic and Roman periods (24 credits)

HBA404-J: Biblical archaeology and religion (24 credits)

HBA405-K: Applied biblical archaeology (24 credits)

HBA406-L: Contextualising biblical archaeology (24 credits)

HBA407-M: Biblical archaeology and the historical Jesus (24 credits)

HBA408-N: Biblical archaeology and every day life in the biblical world (24 credits)
Students interested in archaeological fieldwork are advised to include in their study programme courses in Archaeology, offered by the Department of Anthropology, Archaeology, Geography and Environmental Studies.
After reading through the above, you may need clarity regarding the following issues:  
1.Transitional arrangements and credits
Apart from the information about the transitional arrangements as stated above, the following detail can be added for more clarity.

  • Students who have passed any of the following three papers of the Biblical Studies honours (HBS 404-Y, HBS405-3, HBS408-6) and would like to continue with the MA in Biblical Archaeology, will be fully credited for the papers they have completed. These three papers are fully accepted for credits in the Biblical Archaeology MA. If a student for instance has completed 2 of these papers, he/she will only need to complete another 3 papers from the list of papers in the MA to complete part 1 of the programme.

  • Students who have completed 9 of the undergraduate modules in Biblical Archaeology as part of their B degree do not have to register for the introductory paper HBA401-F. They can select any other 5 papers from the list.

  • Student who have completed a B degree without a post graduate qualification, need to register for HBA401-F as well as 4 other papers from the list.

  • A student with any Honours, Master's or Doctoral degree, have to register for HBA401-F for non-degree purposes after which he/she can continue with the dissertation.

2. How to enroll?
Information regarding the registration for the programme can be obtained from Mr Andre van Heerden at the post-graduate student affairs department on the Unisa main campus. His contact details are:


Tel: (012) 429 4191
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Mr Andre van Heerden at the post-graduate student affairs department on the Unisa main campus

Tel: (012) 429 4191