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Crawford Schools South Africa

The first Crawford school opened in 1993 in Killarney, Johannesburg. The pioneering model on which this College was based was so successful that today, The Crawford Schools group has grown enormously to comprise 22 schools ranging from pre-primary to secondary level with around 7000 students and 1000 staff.


Crawford Schools are backed by the management and financial expertise of the ADvTECH group which is a JSE listed company consisting of 4 divisions -

  • Education Tertiary

  • Education University

  • Schools

  • Resourcing

School Ethos

All the schools provide a vibrant, stimulating and enjoyable environment. Students are encouraged to express themselves and assert their individuality, yet at the same time know that they have unparalleled support.

The schools' motto - 'Tutum Te Robore Reddam' (Let us make you safe by our strength) - attests to the role played by the staff. Every effort is made to provide a structured and unthreatening school milieu. However, students are fully aware that their freedom carries a responsibility.

Rationality and an open-mind are thus viewed as essential characteristics in a system with built-in checks and balances.

Essential Info

All the schools are co-educational. They are non-denominational and non-racial and are committed to a forward looking vision in which young people are prepared to meet future challenges. In order to offer students an all-rounded education, students are exposed to a wide variety of subjects. At Pre Primary the children have numerous subject specialist teachers over and above their regular class teachers, and in Junior Primary they have up to four specialists.

In Senior Primary and in Junior High, every pupil has the benefit of a team of hand-picked educators. In Senior High students may select from a range of up to 23 subjects. Results are superb and unmatched. The Crawford Schools are innovative and highly conscious of the need to keep abreast of advances in Technology. Computer Studies in basic advanced form features strongly. Students enjoy media cantres with Internet privileges (under careful supervision), and electronic White Boards have recently been installed.

Academic Support

Academic support is integral to the Crawford system. Extra tuition operates across the board on a two-pronged basis. Students in need of assistance are identified, offered help, and carefully monitored. Students, too, may request academic support which is freely provided.

Life Skills

Life Skills is offered according to the needs of each school. Adding balance to a child's education, it introduces students to, among others, table etiquette, basic cooking skills, car maintenance, entrepreneurship, stock exchange and banking know-how. Drug awareness and eating disorder programmes are in place, and students are offered careful advice in terms of subject choice and career counseling.

The Colleges and most of the Preparatory schools offer qualified and experienced counselors who are accessible to all students and parents.


Marthie Conradie

Marketing Co-ordinator

Advtech Schools Division

Tel:   (011) 886 5100

Fax:   (011) 886 4512

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Marthie Conradie

Marketing Co-ordinator

Advtech Schools Division

Tel:   (011) 886 5100

Fax:   (011) 886 4512


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