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- Driven by the pursuit of knowledge and innovation -

 The North-West University (NWU) is one of the most stable and successful mergers in the higher education sector in South Africa and continues to thrive in establishing itself as a vibrant and entrepreneurial university, with a balance between teaching-learning and research.
The University officially came into being on 1 January 2004 when the Potchefstroom University for Christian Higher Education and the University of the North-West merged and the staff and students of the Sebokeng Campus of the Vista University were incorporated.
Since the merger, student numbers have grown, the University's finances are stable and viable, and student pass rates and research output continue to rise. Today, the NWU is a unitary, multi-campus institution with flourishing campuses spread across two provinces, the Potchefstroom and Mafikeng campuses situated in the North-West Province and the Vaal Triangle campus situated in the Gauteng Province.

 Our management team
As a result of the geographical distribution of its campuses, the NWU has adopted a two-tier management model suited to its operations. This model consists of an Institutional Office (IO) that ensures university-wide consistency in policy and procedure, and the three campuses that operate as separate but coordinated business units. Both the institutional and campus components are represented on the institutional management team.
 Our vision and values
The vision of the NWU is to be a pre-eminent university in Africa, driven by the pursuit of knowledge and innovation. 

 The NWU values are the compass that guides the institution towards achieving its vision. In 2007, four do-values were identified by management, namely integrity, commitment, accountability and respect. These do-values are seen as practical enablers in realizing the goals of the NWU through the behaviour of all staff and students, building trust and fostering a team spirit across the NWU.


Our mission

Our mission is to become a balanced teaching-learning and research university and implement our expertise innovatively. This the institution will achieve as it:

 lives its values,

 strives for sound management,

 pursues transformation,

while being locally engaged, nationally relevant and internationally recognized.

This mission is made up of the following elements:

> Develop, educate and empower through quality teaching and learning, well-rounded graduates who are able to think laterally and critically in their service to the country and its people;

> Grow high-quality, relevant and focused research, supplying innovative solutions to challenges faced by the scholarly community, the country, the continent and the world;

> Expand the implementation of expertise, both commercially and community-directed, for the benefit of the province, the country, the SADC region, the continent and ultimately the world;

> Be a value‑driven university, striving to make a difference in the pursuit of our mission;

> Aspire to be recognized internationally as a well-managed and innovative university, with a client focus embedded in quality, by creating an enabling environment that will enhance and improve its core business and remain a financially viable institution; and

> Transform continually in terms of positioning, academic profile, unity, equity and redress; in doing this, contribute to the transformation of the South African Higher Education system to help meet the country's social, economic, developmental and environmental needs.
Our academic offerings  

The NWU has a number of academic offerings that cannot be found at any other South African university. The University particularly focuses on developing scarce and strategic skills, such as engineering, project management and education.
In nuclear engineering, a discipline that is critical to meeting the country's long-term energy needs, the NWU, for instance, is the only university in South Africa to offer postgraduate degrees.
In commerce, the NWU is contributing to a groundswell of successful entrepreneurs through formal degrees such as the BCom in Entrepreneurship and Business Management and an MBA with a dedicated module in entrepreneurship and strategic thinking. Furthermore, the NWU is the only university in the country to provide a compulsory module in creative entrepreneurship to all second-year students.
With regard to education, the NWU is one of the main service providers of well-rounded teachers to provide in the country's needs in this field, In addition, the NWU has one of the largest distance education programmes for teachers in the country. In 2006, the NWU awarded 4 655 education degrees, the majority to teachers who are looking to improve their qualifications.

Currently, the Centre for Animal Health Studies on the Mafikeng Campus has the only B Sc Animal Health programme in South Africa that is recognized for registration by the South African Veterinary Council.  In addition, the Centre offers the only residential programme for a Diploma in Animal Health in South Africa which is also recognized by the South African Veterinary Council.
Faculties and programmes
 The NWU has the following Faculties: Agriculture, Science and Technology (Mafikeng);  Arts (Potchefstroom) ; Commerce and Administration (Mafikeng) ; Economic and Management Sciences (Potchefstroom) ; Educational Sciences (Potchefsroom and Mafikeng) ; Engineering (Potchefstroom) ; Health Sciences (Potchefstroom) ; Human and Social Sciences (Mafikeng) ; Law (Potchefstroom and Mafikeng) ; Natural Sciences (Potchefstroom) ; Theology (Potchefstroom). The Vaal Triangle faculty comprises the following schools: Economic Sciences; Basic Sciences; Behavioural Sciences; Modelling Sciences; Education Sciences, and Languages. Please consult our webside for a detailed list of the schools at the Mafikeng and Potchefstroom campuses.

 Research and Innovation
 Research, innovation, and entrepreneurship are the lifeblood of the NWU, as the following achievements show:

  • A group of researchers from the Potchefstroom Campus of the NWU are part of the international High-Energy Stereoscopic System (HESS) group who won the much sought after European Union Descartes Prize for Research for 2006.
  • The NWU is involved in developing the Heat Transfer Testing Facility for the Pebble Bed Modular Reactor Group (Pty) Ltd, with this project being one of the country's most important nuclear energy initiatives.
  • The NWU earns more than R1,4 million a year from royalties and licensing income, spends more on patents than any other university in South Africa, exports in excess of R4 million of high quality machine components per annum and holds six USA patents. 

Our many voices
 The NWU's policy of functional multilingualism reflects the richness of the diverse South African society and is based on the needs of different campus constituencies. English and Afrikaans are used as primary languages of tuition at the NWU, but the institution acknowledges the realities of a multilingual society and a multilingual university environment, thus additionally uses Sesotho and Setswana as campus working languages.

 To ensure maximum access to scarce and expensive programmes, classroom-interpreting services are currently available on the Potchefstroom and Vaal Triangle Campuses, and the University is also looking into the possibility of offering interpreting services on the Mafikeng Campus.

Institutional Head Office
North-West University
Institutional Building (C1)
Hoffman Street
Republic of South Africa (RSA)

Postal Address:
Corporate Affairs and Relations

Private Bag X6001
Republic of South Africa (RSA)
Tel:   +27 (18) 299-4931
Fax: +27 (18) 299-4938

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The Mafikeng Campus offers a wide range of undergraduate and postgraduate programmes in five faculties.

The NWU's Potchefstroom Campus is situated in the North-West Province of South Africa.

The first phases of an extensive building project at the Vaal Triangle Campus of the NWU was recently completed. This project included the construction of new academic buildings and student facilities.

Mafikeng Campus is the second largest of the NWU's three campuses, with 8 487 students enrolled in 2006. 

With modern student facilities on campus the Potchefstroom Campus offers a dynamic student life, shaped by a student spirit that no other university can match.

Situated on the banks of the Vaal River in a proclaimed nature reserve, the Vaal Triangle Campus boasts a unique environmental setting.


Institutional Head Office
North-West University
Joon van Rooy Building (Block F1)
11 Hoffman Street
Republic of South Africa (RSA)

Postal Address:
Private Bag X6001
Republic of South Africa (RSA)
Tel:   +27 (18) 299-4900
Fax: +27 (18) 299-4910

Students on the Potchefstroom Campus

The library on the Mafikeng Campus

Students on the Vaal River,
Vaal Triangle Campus