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Parklands College and Christopher Robin Pre-Primary

The Best Headstart for the Future

Christopher Robin has succeeded in providing exceptional pre-primary education, since its inception in 1980.  It was with pride that we took our vast experience into formal education in 1998, with the opening of Parklands College.  Our track record is filled with success stories, as a result of our dedication and commitment to education. 

The privilege of parenthood brings with it the responsibility of planning for the future of our children. Difficult decisions must often be made, with the only guideline being the fact that, whatever choices we make, our children deserve the best. At home, we ensure that the values we instil in them, equip them for the future. It is, however, the time they spend with others 'educators and friends' that concerns us the most, for that is beyond our control.

There is a quotation which is credited to Richard Fuller, 'Every child is born a genius.'Now that may seem an outlandish statement but we think it has a ring of truth about it. Certainly, parents like to think their child possesses special unique qualities and indeed, they do. The challenge for a school such as ours is to take those special qualities and see that child's potential reached. That is the privilege and the challenge of every teacher and every member of staff. They must do everything they can to let each child shine and to let each child's particular genius develop.

Parklands College is set apart from other colleges and pre-primary schools as a result of an environment, characterised by high expectations and respect for excellence in all areas, learners prepare for their futures. Private education has an almost intangible value attached to it -something that we as educators refer to as the hidden curriculum which one would obviously not get in a state institution. That is why a school like Parklands College which offers the learners the opportunities for discovery and for adventure, is so important.  It seeks to create a lifelong learner who is confident and independent, literate, numerate and multi-skilled, compassionate, with a respect for the environment and the ability to participate in society as a critical and active citizen.  There is a strong emphasis on developing a culture of excellence in the sporting and cultural arenas.  This is underpinned by an integrated curriculum whereby the emphasis is on character education and consciously developing skilful thinking.  The school strives for academic excellence by upholding expectations and trusting in the ability and willingness of our learners to stretch and meet their goals.  The College values its learners and, in return, expects them to uphold the Parklands College Vision and Mission.

The learners are very much the current owners of the school - in a manner of speaking - and how they behave individually, and collectively, determines what kind of school it is.  Each student, parent and staff member has a role to play in making the school a positive place to be. Each learner is an important member of our school and it is vital that they understand their individual responsibility in terms of being aware of the needs of others, whilst respecting and valuing each person's individual personality, talents and qualities.  We recognize that when individuals with such special but diverse qualities come together with others, a special dynamic and 'power', if you like, comes into existence -and in effect, impacts on the ethos of our school.  This together with a data rich environment provides an ongoing platform for continuous communication between staff, learners and parents, thus enhancing learning.  Today's learners are acquiring knowledge differently, however this knowledge needs to be channelled under the guidance of enthusiastic and dedicated teachers, who are led by resourceful and compassionate principals who in turn are supported by a very high quality staff. We are very fortunate to have staff who are professionally qualified and experts in their fields, who do what they do because of a genuine desire to make matters better for the learners in their care.  This shared vision results in a nurturing, intimate environment and this factor coupled with our comprehensive academic, cultural and sporting programmes ensures that the children receive a broad and balanced all round educational experience.

Parklands College is the only Apple Regional Training Centre (RTC) in the Western Cape and has formed a unique relationship with Apple which has allowed us to research and develop creative and innovative learning methods in the classroom using Apple Technologies over the past 2.5 years. Our educators receive ongoing training and continue to stay at the forefront of international trends in education.  As a first for Africa, we have launched an Apple One2One classroom learning programme to the Grade 4, 7, 8 and 9 learners. This means every learner has the use of an Apple MacBook in timetabled lessons to enhance and the subject taught. We also have a dedicated Apple laboratory and all of our educators for these grades have an Apple MacBook. This environment enhances our already advanced technology training from Pre-Primary through to Grade 12 by engaging our learners and developing creative thinking skills.  Every classroom has a computer and the majority have integrated data projectors and Interactive Whiteboards which allow us to host a 21st century classroom where our learners can be engaged in a true visually assistive, multimedia learning experience. All classrooms are connected through wireless and wired networks to allow access to the Internet and our own educator developed Intranet. Our Intranet hosts our electronic lesson content and is also accessible from home. We have podcast enabled classrooms that allow lessons to be captured in video format and then posted on our podcast server to be accessed where a learner has been absent, for revision or for other study purposes. This can also be accessed from home. Our own on-site support team ensures the continued running of our systems as well as a support system for our MacBook lessons. We have display televisions around the campus which showcase school events, matches, media campaigns and other learner based media content. This is managed by the reporters club who capture, edit and produce the content. This allows us to provide a unique, engaging, 21st century learning environment for your child

We will be opening the doors to a second Campus in Sandown in January 2012 as per the site plan provided.  Learners who join this exceptional College will continue to benefit from small classes, individual attention, tutorials, student counsellor, spacious facilities, international ICT certifications, learner centred environment, full sport and cultural activities as well as local & International Sport and Culture Tours. We will be specialising in English, Afrikaans, Xhosa, French, Mathematics, Maths Literacy, Ad Maths, Accounting, Business Studies, Economics, Life Sciences, Physical Sciences, IT (Programming), CAT, Geography, History, Life Orientation, Art, Design, Hospitality, Dance, Music, Drama from Grade 10-12 and will be introducing Engineering and Graphics Design, Mandarin, Computer graphics and animation training, Sound engineering and lighting management, Journalism and digital news production as well as Waterpolo and Synchronised Swimming.

Call us on 021 521 2700 or visit us at for more information.
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