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South African School

Elkanah House (Sunningdale Senior Primary)

Elkanah House, situated in Blouberg, Cape Town, is a co-educational, independent school that was founded in 1997.  It is privately owned and is a member of the Independent Schools' Association of South Africa (ISASA).   It has an enviable reputation for being a relaxed and happy educational environment, where the buildings warmly welcome you and the members of staff are caring, passionate and competent.

Elkanah (which means "God's creation") is committed to growing young men and women who have an unassuming self-confidence and the ability to use their creative gifts appropriately.  Our motto "Carpe Diem" - meaning "Seize the Day" - reflects our commitment to encourage our students to make best use of their opportunities.   

The 1430 students are accommodated on four campuses - two preparatory, one senior primary and a high school, each one separate but in close proximity to the others. This allows us the advantages of small schools - where attention can be given to making the environment homely and relaxed - while permitting personal involvement in the progress of each child and the opportunity to instill and nurture a love of learning. Most importantly, this is a school where Christian family values are followed and upheld.   

While we acknowledge the importance of examinations in enabling our students to take the next step in their education, we also understand that a sound education is about so much more than results.  Our objective is to enable our young people to become skilled and interested pupils who can take their place anywhere in the world with confidence and who understand that living significantly is about making a difference in the lives of others.

Elkanah House School of Creative Learning: Sunningdale Senior Primary

At Elkanah House Senior Primary you will find a dedicated, competent and caring community of teachers who are passionate about the education of children in the senior primary phase. Focusing on the education of pupils from Grade four through to Grade six, our teachers and management are able to fully focus on the academic, emotional, physical, cultural and spiritual needs in an age-appropriate manner.

We have a strong child-centered focus, with innovative and differentiated teaching tailored to the different learning styles of our pupils. Our vibrant and dynamic learning environment brings our rigorous and challenging curriculum alive.

Numerous sporting, public speaking and performance opportunities along with a strong culture of positive reinforcement help develop our pupils' self-confidence. We place great value on the social development of our students and offer a wide range of opportunities for them to engage in initiatives that are facilitated off the campus.


Learning Beyond Examinations, Loving Beyond Self, Living Authentic Lives

The Senior Primary campus follows a full academic curriculum.

The national curriculum forms the base from which we start and we extend and expose our pupils to many other opportunities and learning experiences.

As a result of small classes, practical, flexible and innovative methods of teaching ensure that each child reaches their full potential. The emphasis is on the development of thinking, learning and problem solving skills through experiential and integrated learning. Small groups and theme work encourage team participation and co-operative learning.

Music, Art, Drama, IT, Physical Education and Xhosa are integrated into our weekly programme providing each child with a holistic experience from which important life long skills are learnt. Regular educational excursions are undertaken which offer further opportunities for hands-on learning.

Pupils identified by their class teachers as having superior cognitive abilities are invited to participate in the Extension Classes. These are held once a week, after the extra-mural programme, by one of the senior staff members in the school.

Children are exposed to a range of activities such as numerical series work, finding and creating patterns, forming analogies, establishing logical consistency, problem solving, and observation and memory exercises.

Elkanah House also offers specialised learning support to those pupils in need. The Learning Support Department is managed and run by a fully qualified and very experienced Remedial Teacher.

In addition to the above, three extra-math classes - one per grade - are run each week. These are offered to pupils who may not necessarily be experiencing extreme difficulties, but rather need a little re-teaching and additional practice to grasp certain skills and concepts.

Our learning support programmes are an integral part of our school, offering valuable support to pupils, parents and teachers.

All pupils moving through to the High School will eventually write examinations through the Independant Examination Board.

Physical Education lessons follow a programme that focuses on motor development and identifies specific activities that are age-appropriate. If solid foundations are built, there is no limit to the great heights that can be reached as the pupils enter into the senior primary phase.

All pupils are required to participate in the games programme at least twice a week in one summer and one winter sport code. This commitment includes attending a practice and competing in a match every week.

Sport at Elkanah House continues to become more and more successful every year and 2011 saw us compete with some of the top schools in the Western Cape in many of our sport codes, and we were successful in many outings too.

We nurture an appreciation for Arts and Culture from an early age.  Dedicated teachers are responsible for adding value to the children's experiences in each field that ensure that pupils are exposed to a wide variety of music, art, drama and dance. 

Various entertainers are invited to showcase for the campus and school performances are an annual highlight. At the Senior Primary dance, drama, visual art and music are taught as part of the Arts and Culture curriculum. Our pupils participate in a number of outside festivals in order to showcase their talents.

At Elkanah House all children are encouraged to play a musical instrument of their choice in which to develop both individual and group skills.  Individual lessons are offered in keyboard (for the very young beginner), piano, recorder, violin, cello, woodwinds, drum kit, acoustic and electric guitar.  Once certain levels of sight-reading and technical ability have been reached in a specific instrument, the Recorder Consort and/or Orchestra can be joined to provide additional stimulation and opportunities in making music with others.  Individual voice training lessons are offered to singers and each campus has its own choir to provide another outlet for creative expression.

At Elkanah House we believe it is our responsibility to educate and expose our children to the whole spectrum of society. Only once they have been made aware, can they actively do something and take ownership.

Our charity and community projects run under the banner PAK - Planned Acts of Kindness.

Each grade at the Senior Primary is allocated a charity that they support and learn about. It is our hope that over a few years they will gain a good awareness and understanding of the challenges and different areas of need in society.

Detailed School Statistics

Suburb: Sunningdale

  Lowest Grade: Grade 4   Boarding: No
City/Town: Cape Town

  Highest Grade: Grade 6   Lowest Boarding Price P/A: N/A
Province: Western Cape   Lowest Tuition P/A: R40242.00   Highest Boarding Price P/A: N/A
School Type: Co-Ed   Highest Tuition P/A: R40242.00   Curriculum: IEB South African
Religious: Christian Ethos   Administration Fee: 1650.00   Teacher/Pupil Ratio: 20/1
Number of Pupils: 261   Founding Year: 1997   School Phase: Prep School

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Elkanah House (High School)
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Prep School Principal:

Arthur Preston

Contact: Connie Dhliwayo

Tel: 021 554 8630

Fax: 021 554 8631

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Physical Address:

24 Valderrama Road


Cape Town

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