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South African School

St Andrew's School for Girls (Preschool)

The St Andrew's preschool, founded in January 2004, is for boys and girls from three months to five years.

The day starts at 08h00 and ends at either 12h20 or 13h00 and we offer an early drop off at 07h00.

Aftercare is available until 17h00 daily.


We follow a pre-primary curriculum aimed at developing the skills required for more formal learning in grade 0. Included in this curriculum are activities that develop gross motor, fine motor, visual and auditory perceptual skills.


Reflection, Transparency, Shadows, Sight and Sound: these are but a few of the many themes used to guide teaching and learning at St Andrew's preschool. Light boxes, projectors, cameras and the five senses are some of the tools used to lay a foundation for life-long learning.


At St Andrew's preschool, the innate abilities and characteristics of children from ages four months to five years are used to develop the skills required for formal schooling. The five senses of sight, sound, touch, taste and hearing are at the heart of the learning programme. The children are shown the difference between sight and careful observation as they are encouraged to place objects on the light boxes. As they place leaves and insects collected from the playground,  they get to experience the wonder and feel of the detailed veins that carry food in a leaf and the intricate patterns on a butterfly. From these observations, they  are encouraged to draw or paint what they have seen, while they get to chatter about the wonder of nutrition in plants. Their natural curiosity and eagerness to ask questions provides the natural opportunity to develop speech and expand their vocabulary. They learn to listen, share and take turns in a context shaped by  their treasures found in the garden.


The children are given the daily opportunities to experiment in a safe and supervised environment. In each section of the school, children are given age appropriate tasks that help to develop respect and responsibility. This may mean that they mix the paints needed for art or set the tables for lunch. Through carefully chosen and supervised activities, the children are then able to learn and practice the values needed for a happy, balanced and successful life.


For more information please visit the school website or contact the preschool on 011 453 7400.


Detailed School Statistics

Suburb: Bedfordview

  Lowest Grade: Grade 000000   Boarding: No
City/Town: Johannesburg

  Highest Grade: Grade 00   Lowest Boarding Price P/A: N/A
Province: Gauteng   Lowest Tuition P/A: R38070.00   Highest Boarding Price P/A: N/A
School Type: Co-Ed   Highest Tuition P/A: R38940.00   Curriculum:
Religious: Christian Ethos   Administration Fee: R300.00   Teacher/Pupil Ratio:
Number of Pupils: 140   Founding Year: 2004   School Phase: Pre-Prep School

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Pre-prep School Principal:

Petra Quieros

Tel: 011 453 7400

Fax: 011 453 1112

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Johnson Avenue