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South African School

SAHETI School (Playschool)

A quality facility for early child care.


Providing for the specific needs of children aged 15 months to 3 years, the Playschool is the latest addition to SAHETI's facilities. Six classes cater for children 15-18 months, 18-24 months and 24-36 months respectively, each with designated classrooms and facilities. 

The core of the building is an enormous perception room for the development of gross motor skills and rhythm. Designated classrooms for the three age groups are situated around this central point. Age-appropriate outdoor areas incorporate the latest equipment to stimulate creative and exploratory play.


SAHETI School is an English-medium, independent school dedicated to the pursuit of excellence, whilst promoting the ethos and values of Hellenism.


SAHETI School was established in 1974 by a group of founders under the leadership of Advocate George Bizos. Its doors were open to all, welcoming widely diverse communities to share in its values-driven, universal education.


From the outset, SAHETI's approach to education was dynamic and innovative. The school has become known for its enlightened teaching methods, consistent academic excellence and rich cultural life.


Today this vibrant school ranks amongst the finest independent schools in South Africa. Its enrolment of about 1 000 boys and girls is spread over a Playschool, Pre-Primary School, Primary School and High School.

Detailed School Statistics

Suburb: Senderwood

  Lowest Grade: Grade 000000   Boarding: No
City/Town: Johannesburg

  Highest Grade: Grade 000   Lowest Boarding Price P/A: N/A
Province: Gauteng   Lowest Tuition P/A: R27820.00   Highest Boarding Price P/A: N/A
School Type: Co-Ed   Highest Tuition P/A: R27820.00   Curriculum: IEB South African
Religious: Greek Orthodox   Administration Fee:   Teacher/Pupil Ratio:
Number of Pupils: 83   Founding Year:   School Phase: Pre-Prep School

Associated schools

SAHETI School (Secondary)
SAHETI School (Primary)
SAHETI School (Pre-Primary)

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Pre-prep School Principal:

Mrs Terri Ohannessian

Prep School Principal:

Mrs Sophia Zachariou

High School Principal:

Mr Warwick Taylor

Tel: 011 479 3730

Fax: 086 605 9488

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Physical Address:

Civin Drive



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