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South African School

St John's College (Cambridge A-Levels)

Cambridge A-levels are internationally recognized by universities worldwide.

St John's offers a Sixth Form year which broadens and deepens the academic and intellectual perspectives of the student who is allowed to focus on three subjects of his/her choice in preparation for A-level exams (written in November). For students wishing to study overseas, Cambridge A-levels are a passport to any university, as they are internationally recognised. For students wishing to study in South Africa the Sixth Form year brings a university approach and maturity to their work, which is of enormous benefit to their tertiary education. By providing an atmosphere which is less restrictive than high school, the students are encouraged to cope confidently with greater personal responsibility and freedom.



The Sixth Form was started in 1922 although there was mention of it in 1906. For some years it served as a post-matriculation course for ‘maturing'. In other words the principle of a Sixth Form year was initially based on a year of broader studies. In the thirties, candidates were entered for UNISA first year examinations, the successful candidates being admitted to universities in the second year.

The demands and pressures of modern education have obviously changed markedly since 1922 and by 1972 the British A-level system was introduced, with examinations through the Cambridge Board. From that time the Sixth Form has continued to expand and today averages between 60 and 90 boys and girls a year - a far cry from the small groups of the past.


Sixth Form students are taught in the College by experienced staff, using the excellent facilities St John's has to offer. The Sixth Form does, however, have its own independent centre. Here students have their own common room, kitchen, studies and resources and the House provides both a social and tutorial centre.

Their academic and pastoral needs are met and their progress monitored by the Director and Assistant Director.


St John's has a long and proud cultural tradition, particularly in Art, Music and Drama. Although there is no requirement for Sixth Formers to participate in extramural activities, students who have talents in these areas are encouraged to contribute.

The Sixth Form students have the opportunity to participate in interhouse music and drama and in public speaking and debating.

All school sporting facilities are available to Sixth Form, but sport is not compulsory. Students who wish to continue their sport may do so, but on the clear understanding that academic demands take precedence at all times.


Detailed School Statistics

Suburb: Houghton

  Lowest Grade: Post-Secondary   Boarding: Yes
City/Town: Johannesburg

  Highest Grade: Post-Secondary   Lowest Boarding Price P/A: R144870.00
Province: Gauteng   Lowest Tuition P/A: R92790.00   Highest Boarding Price P/A: R156630.00
School Type: Co-Ed   Highest Tuition P/A: R92790.00   Curriculum: Cambridge
Religious: Christian Ethos (Anglican)   Administration Fee:   Teacher/Pupil Ratio:
Number of Pupils: 70   Founding Year: 1922   School Phase: High School

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St John's Pre-Preparatory School
St John's College

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High School Principal:

Mrs Kate Byrne

Contact: Toni Williams

Tel: 011 645 3050

Fax: 011 487 2227

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Physical Address:

St David Road