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The University of Stellenbosch Business School South Africa

Delivering MBA graduates that meet business needs


  • Quality confirmed by international accreditation

  • Top positions on SA ranking lists

  • Full-time, modular and part-time MBA

  • PhD and other Master's degrees

  • Over 70 executive education courses

  • Strong focus on leadership development

About the USB

The internationally accredited University of Stellenbosch Business School (USB) offers MBA, Master's, MPhil and PhD programmes as well as executive education programmes - all focused on the development of business leadership.

The USB MBA offers a solid theoretical grounding for the practical, real-world application of management and leadership competencies in any business sector in South Africa, on the African continent as well as in the global business community.

The USB MBA is also characterised by two growth themes: development on a professional as well as personal level. The latter is effected mainly through the development of high-level leadership competencies over the candidate's entire period of study.

The Business School is situated on the Bellville Park Campus, adjacent to the new Tyger Waterfront business hub, some 20 km from the heart of Cape Town and 35 km from the main campus in Stellenbosch.


Quality confirmed by international accreditation

  • International EQUIS accreditation: The European Foundation for Management Development in Belgium awarded international EQUIS accreditation to the USB in 2000.

  • International AMBA accreditation: The Association of MBAs in the UK awarded international AMBA accreditation to the USB in 2002.

  • South African CHE accreditation: The USB has full accreditation from the Council on Higher Education (CHE).

Top positions on SA ranking lists

The USB has been ranked first in the Professional Management Review survey and second in the Financial Mail survey among top business schools in South Africa in 2005.

These surveys were conducted among line managers and human resource managers, and employers and graduates, respectively. The USB's solid positions on these ranking lists confirm the quality and relevancy of its MBA programme for various stakeholders.

In the PMR rankings, the USB's focus on international accreditation and cooperation, close liaison with the business community, and emphasis on entrepreneurship and strategy turned out to be deciding factors. In the Financial Mail survey the USB was singled out for the quality of its programmes and its research.

MBA programme options

The USB MBA (http: // is presented in the following formats:

  • Full-time MBA (English): 1 year of lectures plus research report

  • Part-time MBA (English): 2 years of evening classes plus research report

  • Modular MBA (English): 2,5 years of block release lectures plus research report

  • Modular MBA (English and Afrikaans, bilingual): 2,5 years of block release lectures plus research report.

Strong focus on leadership development

The USB recognises the need for business leaders with vision, rather than mere managers, in today's local and international business environment. The USB's MBA is therefore designed to equip managers with appropriate high-level leadership competencies, using various measuring instruments, models, tools and individual attention to develop these qualities. The USB's leadership expertise is based on international inputs and research undertaken by, among others, its Centre for Leadership Studies.

The USB also shares its leadership know-how with a broader audience through seminars, workshops and talks. These include the regular Leader's Angle talks by industry and academic leaders from all over South Africa and abroad.

Executive education

USB Executive Development Limited (USB-ED) (http: // at the USB annually presents over 70 management, leadership and specialist courses either as open programmes or company-specific programmes throughout South Africa and beyond its borders.

Other programmes

Other USB degree programmes include a PhD degree in Business Management and Administration, an MPhil programme in Futures Studies, and Master's degree in Development Finance.

The creation of new knowledge through research

The best business schools in the world are known for their research and the creation of knowledge. The USB creates knowledge through its MBA students' research reports, its full-time bursaried PhD, and the academic research in which its faculty is involved. Research centres such the Centre for Leadership Studies (http: // and the Africa Centre for Investment Analysis (ACIA) (http: // also play a key role in the development of new knowledge at the USB.

The international character of the USB

The USB has cooperation agreements with thirty-eight international business schools in the UK, Europe, Asia and Australia. The large number of full-time MBA students also makes for a multi-cultural learning experience.

International interaction is also brought about by international study tour groups visiting the USB, the flow of international faculty to the USB and USB faculty lecturing at overseas business schools. The USB also offers an annual overseas MBA study tour, exchange study options for its own students, and participation in international student competitions.

To cater for this increasing activity on the international front, the School has opened an International Affairs Office. Contact international programme coordinator Charmaine Kapp at

Consulting services, and leadership and organisational development interventions

The management and leadership competencies of USB-ED (http: // are available to the business community in the form of strategic business consulting services. A specialist approach, based on the Harvard model of business development, is used to unlock potential within and outside organisations.

USB-ED's leadership and organisational development interventions are based on the latest leadership thinking and practice, consulting and coaching. Various instruments are used to measure the link between leader behaviour and the performance of the business unit or organisation.

Information centre (library)

This new-technology centre, known as USBI (http: //, has been designed according to the highest international standards in information services. This hybrid (electronic and paper) library provides immediate access to the global information arena via electronic and printed databases, books, journals, newspapers and research reports. Students thrive in a supportive environment, where competent library staff give personal attention and practical assistance with study needs.

Advanced IT infrastructure

The USB campus provides students with top-of-the-range IT facilities, including wireless ('hotspot') internet access on campus, as well as all the software that students may need. A large variety of general and specialist software packages ' including McGregors BFA Net, I-Net Bridge, Reuters and ISM ' are available for educational and research purposes.

Computer-assisted learning aids, via WebCT, place students in communication with their lecturers, learning material and administrative affairs. Technicians are on standby to give instant personal assistance to students.

Career Centre

The Career Centre helps USB students and graduates to find employment through a web-based placement service and provide client companies with a professional recruitment service. The Career Centre also provides career planning, coaching and development services.

Contact us

For more information on the USB and its programmes, please contact Francis Meyer on telephone 021 918 4243, fax 021 918 4468 or e-mail Or visit the USB's website at
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University of Stellenbosch Business School
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