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Centre for Higher and Adult Education South Africa

The centre provides a professional research, training, development and consultation service in the fields of higher and adult education to institutions and organisations.

These services are characterised by a high quality of design, planning, presentation and follow-up, which contribute to the growth, development and life-long learning of the individual and lead to the establishment of learning organisations.

Goals and Objectives

  • Focused researchand study programmes
  • building a resource centre (books, journals, videos,
    training materials)
  • design and execution of scientific investigations, surveysand
    needs assessments
  • the design, testing, evaluation and presentation of training
    materialand training programmes
  • contractingto undertake research and developmentfor specific
  • provision of consultation servicesto clients in all fields of specialisation
    of the Centre
  • development of models and working methods by means of experiental learning
  • acquiring fundsfor research, development and training by means of sponsorships, awards and contracts
  • establishment and development of a network of decentralised support
  • building a network of higher and adult education specialistsas researchers, study supervisors, mentors and trainers

Services and Activities


The Centre does contract and self-initiated qualitative and quantitative research on a variety of topics such as:

  • The self-evaluation of quality in higher and further education

  • Various aspects related to teaching and learning, for example the facilitation and assessment of learning

  • Staff development and capacity development

  • The utilisation of diversity in higher and further education as a strategy towards quality and equity

  • Leadership and management issues (especially at a faculty/department and programme level); and

  • Staff appraisal and the enhancement of scholarship in higher education.

Training Services:

A series of training workshops is presented annually as part of a broader community service programme. Topics are selected in response to identified needs in the field of higher and further education, and include themes such as the following:

  • Departmental leadership;

  • Postgraduate supervision;

  • Assessment of learning;

  • Evaluation of quality in higher and further education (for example, programme evaluation, evaluation of support units, staff, research and community service);

  • Staff development in higher and further education;

  • Training and development of learning facilitators and tutors;

  • Assessment and recognition of prior learning;

  • The optimal use of co-operative education (workplace learning) in higher and further education.

Postgraduate Programmes:

As part of the spectrum of postgraduate programmes of the Faculty of Education at the University of Stellenbosch the Centre offers three postgraduate study options:

  • The MPhil in Higher Education;
  • The MPhil in Education and Training for Lifelong Learning; and
  • The PhD (dissertation option) which follows from any of the two above-mentioned areas of specialisation.

Consultation and Facilitation Services:

Complementary to the training service and research programmes the Centre offers the following consultation and facilitation servicesto institutions, faculties, departments, units and individuals in higher and further education:

  • Scientifically-based needs assessment for training and development;
  • The design of learning, training and development programmes;
  • Evaluation of completed or current programmes. Such programmes can be management, teaching-learning, research or service oriented;
  • Strategic planning exercises in higher and further education;
  • Team building and group development in higher and further education;
  • Creative solutions to challenging issues;
  • Student feedback (especially alumni) on their experience of teaching/training in higher or further education; and
  • Coordination of peer evaluation in institutions of higher and further education.
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Centre for Higher and Adult Education


Postal Address:
Private Bag X1
Matieland, 7602
South Africa

Ms Liza Burger
Tel: (021) 808-2277
Mrs Liesl Cronje


Enquiries about programmes/workshops:

Prof Chris Kapp

Email: Prof Eli Bitzer

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Postgraduate Programmes

MPhil: Higher Education
MPhil: Education and Training for Lifelong Learning

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