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Montage: Natural Sciences

Study Environmental Sciences in South Africa

Tshwane University of Technology South Africa

The Department of Environmental Sciences is part of The Faculty of Natural Sciences, which is located at the ARCADIA CAMPUS of Technikon Pretoria. This Campus is situated in the centre of Pretoria between Church and Vermeulen Streets with it's main entrance in Nelson Mandela Drive.

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Courses offered by the Faculty serve a great diversity of industries but still manage to have a great deal in common with respect to its concern for the environment and community. All courses are offered in close collaboration with industry and includes a component of experiential training.

The Faculty of Natural Sciences has a proud reputation of academic excellence. Staff are performing well in the field of research with several papers and patents published annually. Several internationally known scientists are currently working as team members of research groups and research is currently being carried out in the fields of analytical chemistry, environmental science, super critical fluid extraction, nutrition, food and food technology, biotechnology, biomedical technology and materials technology.

As a future university of technology, the Faculty of Natural Sciences already have more than one hundred post-graduate students that are enrolled for research qualifications on Master's and Doctorate level. Most of their projects are linked to industry and some are carried out within the industry.



Environmental Sciences 
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Environmental Management
Environmental Science
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Environmental Management (Research)
Environmental Management (Structured)
Environmental Management

Tshwane University of Technology

Dept. Environmental Sciences

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Tshwane University of Technology


Dept. Environmental Sciences



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