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Why should international students choose to study at the Vaal Triangle Technikon?

The Vaal Triangle Technikon is a leader in education transformation in South Africa. As a historically white institution the technikon has pioneered the racial transformation of higher education institutions. The Technikon has 15000 students, four faculties and  about 50 academic departments. There are four qualification levels including; a three year national diploma, a four year B-Tech, a Master of Technology, and a Doctor of Technology. 
The Vaal Triangle Technikon is situated on about 103 hectares in the country's economic heartland, some 70km south of Johannesburg and a stone's throw away from the banks of the Vaal River. The campus boasts excellent facilities conducive to study, research, recreation and sport, arts and culture, and community service. The Technikon operates a multiple campus system spread throughout four of the country's provinces. Campuses operate at Secunda (Mpumalanga Province), Kempton Park (Gauteng, five minutes drive from the Johannesburg International airport), Klerksdorp (North-West) and Upington (Northern Cape) where a number of courses are offered both full-time and part-time. 
What makes us unique? 
  • The Vaal Triangle Technikon, which has a high-voltage laboratory, is the only institution doing research in this field in South Africa; numerous projects are related to electrical cables the work is being undertaken in close collaboration with industry.
  • We have been chosen to establish a Technology Station (Composite' Technology) to address practical needs of the composites industry, develop technological skills and knowledge around the conversion of fibreglass and other composite materials into value added products. This will contribute to the development of Small, Medium & Micro  Enterprises (SMME's). 
  • We have an Innovation Centre for Engineering, which provides facilities for industrial design, development and manufacturing to develop and stimulate technical, creative, critical thinking and entrepreneurial skills amongst students.
  • The Technikon was the first higher education institution to adopt a Transformation Charter, which was followed by a Transformation Agenda.
  • We are the first higher education institution to be assisted by the Chinese government to have two post-doctoral fellows to assist our researchers in  identified focus areas for a period of one year. 
  • In 1999 the Vaal Triangle Technikon, through its Bureau of Community Service, entered the Empower Award in the category of social upliftment and achieved the following:  
  • Our Vice-Chancellor's Annual Report won third place in the Uqitech Excellence Awards in the category Annual Reports, again competing with other Institutions of Higher Learning throughout South Africa.
  • We are continuously researching and implementing innovative teaching  and learning methods and developing entrepreneurial, technical and cognitive skills. 
  • Growth in capacity for Research and Development has been evaluated externally as outstanding for the past five years.

Community outreach 
The Bureau of Community Services , initiates, or runs and administers a range of projects intended to contribute towards the upliftment of the Vaal region. These include skills training programs for SMME's and unemployed persons, literacy and adult basic education and training, Saturday schools for secondary pupils, (Step Ahead program), Star Schools for matric rewrite and Protec, a Science and Technology Workshop and an inter schools science quiz, several women's development programs and work with street children. Technikon staff and students are also engaged in many of the projects, usually on a voluntary basis. The Bureau works closely with faculties within the Technikon. It collaborates  regionally, nationally and internationally with organisations including NGO's. It depends upon the financial support of donor organisations.
International liaison 
The initial contact with the Technikon for all our international and exchange students. With dedicated and professional staff, the office provides  all welfare and academic intervention services to international students. With more than 600 international students, the office's "open borders open minds" slogan is a  necessary motivation to recruit students from all corners of the world.
The international office is actively engaged in setting up exchange  programs and ties with a number of tertiary institutions abroad, this enables students and staffs the opportunity to work or study overseas. At present working agreements exist with institutions in the United  Kingdom, Australia the Netherlands, USA, Botswana, Namibia, South Africa, Singapore.
The Technikon operates an exclusive International Exchange Scholarship enabling local students to experience international ed1;lcation. Our international students, most of which come from other African countries makes the Technikon a place where hard work and sporting meets the challenge of being a student under the African sun
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