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Student Health Insurance in Switzerland

Are you planning to study abroad and are you looking for a health an security insurance plan that provides full coverage So look no further as Swisscare offers ESI STUDENT, 2 plans designed specifically for people staying temporarily abroad. SWISSCARE offers students, researchers, interns, au pair, PHD, postdocs, doctorants and also to their family members, the most popular and most affordable student health insurance plan in Switzerland and in accordance with the Swiss law. Universities and schools overall Switzerland advice the plan of the company SWISSCARE. SWISSCARE also offer a plan for all students living or studying outside of their home country overall the world. Swiss head office:
Swisscare Insurance AG

International administration
Ch. de Beaulieu 8
Phone: +41 840 001 001
Fax: +41 840 002 001

info@swisscare. ch

http: //www.swisscare. ch/plan_wd. html