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East London School of English

London, England



School Introduction

There are many language schools in London but we offer the best value courses. Only East London School of English has good teachers for an excellent price. We are also accredited! East London School of English should be your choice because we teach English as a foreign language enthusiastically and effectively and our prices are lower than most schools. Our teachers are qualified and motivated professionals ensuring that you obtain maximum benefit from your time with us. We offer a relaxed, friendly, but professional atmosphere

ESL Program Introduction

Our main focus is on simply providing excellent teaching at a low price. Language Approach: The philosophy of the school follows the consensus of the most well-respected figures in EFL in following a Learner – Centred approach. This means that each lesson and part of a lesson is designed to cater for the specific needs of every student in the class. A needs analysis is regularly carried out to ensure this end. The approach is also Eclectic and Communicative and focuses on learning rather than teaching. Students are expected to be as active as possible in class, and to take as much responsibility for their learning as the teacher. Such ‘Learner training’ is an essential ingredient for students who wish to continue studying beyond their time at East London School of English. All classes are based around course-books appropriate to the level. Students are expected to buy a copy of the course book if they study for more than one month

Background Data

Schedule & Fees

Start any Monday
Length of Course Mornings Afternoons
4 weeks £ 179.00 £ 149.00
6 weeks £ 201.00£ 173.00
8 weeks £ 223.00£ 197.00
10 weeks £ 245.00 £ 221.00
12 weeks £ 273.00£ 249.00
16 weeks £ 302.00£ 280.00
20 weeks £ 334.00 £ 310.00
24 weeks £ 370.00£ 335.00
27 weeks £ 399.00£ 360.00
36 weeks £ 543.00£ 485.00
1 academic
year £ 599.00£ 540.00
52 weeks £ 699.00£ 650.00

Special Courses & Features

Housing/Accommodation Info

Hostel - only £80 per week At the moment we have a small hostel where they can accommodate about 14 people. The hostel is part of a family house so you have the best of both worlds! Max 3 people in a room (could be just 1 or 2). You share all the facilities (kitchen, bathroom etc.). You also have a big dining room where you can watch TV and have a rest etc. All the rooms are cleaned but if you cook meals in the kitchen you have to do the washing up yourself. It is of course possible to book further weeks accommodation at the normal rates. Home-stay - All our accommodation is carefully chosen, visited and monitored by a British Council aproved agency to ensure that standards are maintained and to make sure you will be comfortable and happy. We keep in close touch with all our accommodation providers and students, and deal with any problems which might arise (although we haven't had any problems yet!). You can choose from bed & breakfast or bed, breakfast and dinner accommodation. If two students are placed with the same host family, we try to ensure they are not of the same nationality, and therefore English is spoken at all times! All host families are a maximum of 45 minutes by Underground from the School. The Accommodation Officers will do their best to find accommodation for you at short notice, but you should book accommodation at least four weeks before the date of your arrival. We can also arrange for long stay students to live in shared houses and flats

Contact Info

East London School of English
First floor , 154-170 Cannon Street Road,
Whitechapel, London, E1 2LH,

+44 (0)207 265 8868
+44 (0)207 790 6696